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Government Ensures Indigenous Papuans Receive the Impact of Development


With the aim of ensuring that all people in Papua are able to receive the positive impact of development being intensified by the Indonesian Government and also the implementation of regional expansion through the existence of Special Autonomy (Otsus), data collection for all residents down to the village level continues to be intensified.

Head of the West Papua Community and Village Empowerment Service (DPMK), Legius Wanimbo, said that population data, especially for native Papuans, must be available properly. Therefore, his party is collaborating with the relevant technical services to collect the data.

In order to further maximize data collection from the entire population, especially in West Papua Province, the party is also recruiting village cadres in each district or city in the area. Then all village cadres who have been recruited have the task of preparing data at the village level and input will be carried out at SAIK, so that the data collected will be more optimal.

Of course, it is not without reason why data on all indigenous Papuans must be recorded and collected properly. The reason is, with optimal data collection, it is also a form of strong commitment from the West Papua DPMK to carry out and uphold the constitutional mandate.

The reason is, everything has been stated and contained in the Special Autonomy Law (UU Special Autonomy). Because, all data regarding all indigenous Papuans will be used as allocation calculations and will also maximize the receipt of benefits from development in the region.

Because everything has been regulated and mandated by law, of course all parties must really be able to ensure that the native Papuan population is able to feel a very positive impact from the results of regional expansion and also the Special Autonomy that has been granted by the Central Government. in the Papua region.

For your information, the SAIK program itself is an application that captures village and sub-district data throughout the West Papua region. The existence of this program is very functional in being able to improve the quality of data management and basic information in the village so that it can also further support government administration, development planning, improving basic services and also developing economic activities in the village community.

Therefore, the existence of the SAIK program is clearly one solution to be able to carry out development in every problem that will be faced in the future by the people in West Papua, especially regarding extreme poverty, then the inflation rate which continues to soar and stunting occurs in children. -children there and are able to record various other indicators of development, not only physical and infrastructure, but also related to the development of the quality of human resources (HR).

So, it cannot be denied that all matters regarding the SAIK program must be completed as soon as possible, especially related to data from the village level because all of them are a priority scale in the DPMK. For the time being, the progress being accelerated is just waiting for an invitation from the Legal Bureau so that it can be facilitated and forwarded to the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) regarding the Governor’s Regulation (Pergub).

When there is an invitation from the Legal Bureau and then it can be facilitated to the Minister of Home Affairs regarding the Governor’s regulations (Pergub), then all of this will become a legal basis that can be used and implemented in all local districts or cities.

When everything has been ratified, then all cadres will also be included in the Gubernatorial Regulation to carry out cadre recruitment appointments in each village with a target of at least two people provided that for example the village has a population of more than 100 people, then the minimum number of cadres in it is at least two. person.

Another positive impact that the Indigenous Papuan community can feel from the recruitment of village cadres is that it is clear that it is able to open up employment opportunities for them to further empower indigenous children in the Land of Papua, so that they can also have an income.

Moreover, all village cadres will continue to be supervised and trained until they are all qualified. So it is very clear that recruitment is also a very important thing because it enables village cadres to carry out input systematically and also on target.

In other words, if the village cadres are trained, then the input of data for all Indonesian people, especially the indigenous Papuan population, will also be maximal and optimal, so that the benefits of accelerating development that is being intensified by the Indonesian Government will truly be felt by the whole community.

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