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Government Optimizes Construction of Livable Houses in Papua


The construction of 130 livable houses in Poumako was initiated by the Central Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov). This is to ensure that people have comfortable housing in the New Autonomous Region (DOB) Papua which is carried out by the Indonesian Government.

The Central Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) plans to build up to 130 habitable housing units in the Poumako area, East Mimika District, Mimika Regency. Regarding this matter, the Head of the Regional Research and Development Planning Agency (Bapperida) for Central Papua Province, Edy Way, explained that it has indeed become one of the main concentrations in development in the region as the Papua Special Region.

Furthermore, another main area of ​​concentration to further prepare for the implementation of the results of regional expansion through the existence of the Papua Special Region is to build central government infrastructure. Therefore, for development purposes there is a pattern of funding sharing, there are also parts that are handled directly by the Provincial Government and there are also parts that fall under the authority of the Central Government.

Specifically for the part handled by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) or the central government, the implementation of the physical construction of the central office building for the Government of Central Papua Province has indeed been carried out with the preparation of the administration of the Regional Spatial Plan (RTRW) master plan document and also the Strategic Environmental Study (KLHS). ).

In other words, as of January 2024, all physical development will have been prepared very carefully. Apart from the construction of the Government Headquarters, infrastructure which is also a public service is clearly continuing.

Because it is trying to build decent and good government buildings, the Central Papua Provincial Government also emphasizes and has a very strong commitment to ensuring that all people in Papua have good, luxurious and livable houses.

Therefore, for the community itself there are at least 4 (four) targets that continue to be focused on, including controlling inflation, handling stunting, extreme poverty and also handling open unemployment. To date, these four main targets continue to play a very important role in being able to continue to accelerate infrastructure development in Bumi Cenderawasih.

One example is in a case in Poumako which is still included in the poverty category, therefore, the Provincial Government moved quickly and responsively to make this problem a serious concern by the Acting Governor as soon as possible to intervene.

So it is planned to build 130 habitable housing units in the Poumako area, East Mimika District. This year, the construction of hundreds of livable houses continues to be accelerated and paid in installments until at least the target of 10 to 20 units is completed first, considering that it is now December and the end of the year.

Then for next year, namely in 2024 starting in January the rest can be done straight away and completed. Apart from Mimika, there are also several other areas where livable houses will be built, including in the Nabire area with budget changes. The reason is that the Nabire area itself is still included in the 3T (underdeveloped, frontier and outermost) area category.

Regarding the assistance provided to residents in Nabire, this was also assisted by many parties including the Indonesian National Army (TNI) which held Bakti Papua as part of one of the non-war military operations (OMSP) in Nabire Regency, Central Papua.

The implementation of Bakti Papua is carried out by rehabilitating uninhabitable houses and even churches there. Regarding the implementation of this activity, the TNI Commander’s Expert Staff for Personnel Welfare (Jahpers), Rear Admiral (Laksda) Dwika Tjahja Setiawan said that this activity was a manifestation of the TNI’s service to the community.

The rehabilitation of uninhabitable houses and churches in Nabire is also an annual routine program carried out for the people of Bumi Cenderawasih, especially those in Nabire. One of the sectors carried out by the TNI’s service is the renovation of houses of worship, so that in the future they can be used in a much more appropriate and comfortable manner, because the hope is that they can become a place that makes the congregation comfortable in carrying out their worship.

On the other hand, Military Resort Commander (Danrem) 173 / PVB Brigadier General (Brigjen) Franz Yohanes Purba said that this activity was an OMSP which was aimed at helping the community, apart from that, as a step to accelerate economic recovery in the community. .

It is clear that the welfare of the people in Bumi Cenderawasih continues to be taken very seriously by the central government and the respective regional governments. Because as per the vision and mission of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), he really wants there to be equal and fair development in all corners of the archipelago so as to overcome disparities.

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