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Head of BIN Budi Gunawan is confident that Jakarta BIN and Jakarta STIN BIN will make history to become 2024 Pro League champions


Jakarta – Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Police General (Ret.) Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, SH, M.Si., Ph.D. emphasized his belief that Jakarta BIN and Jakarta STIN BIN will be the 2024 Pro League Champions. This belief is further strengthened by the collection of the best athletes and stars filling the Jakarta BIN and Jakarta STIN BIN squads.

Today we are a big family, on one stage, our volleyball team will fight to bring the good name of our institution. High fighting spirit, strong belief that victory will increase. We can definitely do it, good luck to the BIN volleyball team. “As a big BIN family, we are gathered here with the determination to become champions in Proliga 2024,” emphasized the Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Police General (Ret.) Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, SH, M.Sc., Ph.D. at the launch of the Jakarta BIN and Jakarta STIN BIN Volleyball Teams in Jakarta, Sunday 21/4/2024.We release our fighters to become champions. This is the tradition in state intelligence agencies. “We feel that our entire extended family is in the same boat and feel that our younger siblings will fight for the good name of BIN,” he concluded.”It is very appropriate for us to release it with a ceremony because it will bring a good name,” he added.”We have formed a team that is not only brilliant individually, but also strong as a unit. Therefore, I remind athletes with great talent that comes with greater responsibility,” he said.Continue to maintain BIN’s good name, by providing the best performance. “We give our appreciation to the coaches and officials, we really hope that in the 2024 proliga the BIN volleyball team can win,” concluded Budi Gunawan.”We have big dreams to make the names of Jakarta BIN and Jakarta STIN BIN as champions of the 2024 Pro League and become the best volleyball club in Indonesia,” he said.”Pro League is the highest level of volleyball competition in our country, for that reason to all players and officials, I ask to always be focused, disciplined and full of enthusiasm,” he explained.Every training, match and every moment we spend together is a step towards the peak we dream of. Give the best performance and results in every match until the last drop of blood, he said.Meanwhile, on the same occasion, the Main Secretary of BIN, Komjen. Pol. Drs. Bambang Sunarwibowo, SH, M.Hum, said that the launch of the volleyball team was a follow-up to BIN’s commitment and attention under the leadership of BIN Head Budi Gunanwan in order to improve, develop and prosper national volleyball athletes.”This is the right moment for athletes to be more enthusiastic about improving their achievements. On the other hand, PORBIN management continues to strive for the best for Jakarta BIN and Jakarta STIN BIN athletes,” he said.Increase cooperation, solidity and mutual respect. Show the dedication of the athletes, by remaining Loyal Loyal Solid Spirit so that they can continue to achieve, he said.The achievements achieved will give pride to BIN, and to individuals and families. “Athletes must show their spirit and fighting mentality and bring our team to become champions in the 2024 Proliga,” he said.

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