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Hosting the AIS Summit, President Jokowi Invites All Parties to Increase Collaboration


After successfully holding the G20 Presidency and the ASEAN Summit, Indonesia is again exercising international leadership by chairing the 2023 AIS Summit. This is a concrete cooperation platform formed to accommodate island and archipelagic countries throughout the world to jointly overcome the challenges and problems they face, especially in the marine development sector.

Held on October 11 2023 in Bali, Indonesia witnessed the 2023 AIS Summit (Summit) which illustrated the spirit of unity and solidarity among island and archipelagic countries. The AIS Summit itself started on October 10 2023, marked by a meeting of the AIS Ministerial Forum chaired by Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo in his remarks on October 11 2023 said that the AIS Forum Summit was a momentum to strengthen collaboration between archipelagic countries and island countries. According to the Head of State, Indonesia was honored to host the historic momentum of the first AIS Forum Summit. A forum to strengthen collaboration between archipelagic countries and island countries connected by sea.

President Joko Widodo believes that the sea itself is not a divider between regions, but is actually a link. Therefore, as fellow archipelagic countries and island countries, all parties have common challenges that must be mutually possible to find solutions for.

President Joko Widodo reiterated the importance of concrete collaboration between countries at the AIS Forum in facing various global environmental challenges, including climate change, conservation of marine resources and regional security.

The seventh President of the Republic of Indonesia also explained that for example, if someone creates rubbish in the sea, it is clear that the rubbish will reach land in other parts of the world. Because, if someone throws rubbish on land, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the rubbish will move to land in another part of the world. But if someone throws rubbish in the ocean, the rubbish can reach any land in the world.

The success of Indonesia’s Chairmanship has simultaneously provided opportunities and demonstrated Indonesia’s strategic role in strengthening the institutional capacity and capability of AIS, especially in establishing a marine management order that is based on the values ​​of inclusiveness. Indonesia has demonstrated its commitment to support the realization of joint efforts to make AIS a more adaptive, responsive and competitive organization by participating in upholding international law and maintaining its unity.

Furthermore, President Jokowi explained three 3 important points in determining the direction of collaboration with the 2023 AIS Forum Summit. First, solidarity, equality and inclusiveness, which are the principles that are shared. The second priority is concrete cooperation tailored to the recipient’s needs. Third, a strong and dynamic cooperation framework to face future challenges.

Not only that, Indonesia is also committed to preparing grant funds to be used for the benefit of archipelagic countries and developing countries and Indonesia wants to invite all countries present, let us continue to choose to continue to build unity and continue to collaborate, even in the midst of a divided world.

The AIS 2023 Bali Summit encourages the acceleration of the blue economy program in island and archipelagic countries. Where this not only provides huge economic benefits, it is also part of the solution to concerns about the global climate crisis.

The blue economy program being promoted includes expanding conservation areas, implementing quota-based measurable fishing policies, developing environmentally friendly aquaculture, sustainable management of coasts and small islands, and managing plastic waste in the sea.

The implementation of the AIS Summit received appreciation from various parties. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Madagascar, Yvette Sylla, assessed that the AIS Forum is a dynamic global platform that consistently plays an important role in voicing various crucial issues facing AIS countries.

According to him, the AIS Forum activity programs have had a big impact on the Republic of Madagascar, and positioned it as an opening door for island and island countries in the Indian Ocean Region.

The good governance voiced by Indonesia at the 2023 AIS Summit also strengthens information technology facilities. This takes the form of building an Integrated Maritime Intelligent Platform or Command Center which can monitor the movement of fishing vessels at sea in real time.

Indonesia is increasingly being taken into account on the global stage, because of its concrete role in strengthening the concrete cooperation framework of the 2023 AIS Summit. This benefit is not only felt by AIS members, but also by all countries in the world. The island country, which has always seemed marginalized, also has a competitive edge because of the existence of this forum.

AIS Forum is an international organization formed by the Indonesian government. Indonesia’s initiative is part of maritime diplomacy to realize Indonesia as the World Maritime Axis. This is to emphasize to the world Indonesia’s position as the largest archipelagic country and ready to become the epicenter of world progress.

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