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In order to create peaceful elections, all parties must work together to reject radicalism


In order to make the 2024 Election (General Election) a success, the public is obliged to avoid the spread of radicalism. With this collaboration, it is hoped that the elections can run safely and smoothly according to the schedule determined by law.

Elections are a big event which is held every 5 years and the people look forward to it with enthusiasm, because they want to get new quality leadership candidates. All people are asked to maintain peace and harmony between people ahead of the election. There should be no radical issues that could cause the campaign and election period to end tragically due to riots.

Radical and terrorist groups deliberately divide the nation to create chaos in society. This group took advantage of the campaign period to spread hate narratives and hoaxes in cyberspace. This could threaten the conduciveness of each stage of the election. Even though elections are a very important program to uphold democracy and elect the president, vice president and members of the legislature.

Radicalism became the enemy because terrorist and radical groups began planning attacks ahead of the election. Therefore, society is obliged to ward off radicalism for the success of the 2024 elections. Efforts to prevent radicalism and terrorism ahead of the elections need to be carried out by all parties, including the Government, society and the media.

This democratic party will of course cause social ripples, such as rejection of groups that reject the Pancasila system, as is often done by radical groups. Therefore, radicalism also needs to be prevented and anticipated, so as not to disrupt political stability ahead of and during the election.

The National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) stated that it would continue to anticipate and minimize the emergence of radical groups or the threat of terrorism. BNPT Director of Prevention Brigadier General (Pol) Ahmad Nurwakhid said BNPT had proven its performance in maintaining and minimizing the threat of terrorism.

Nurwahkhid believes that what needs to be watched out for in parliamentary succession and national leadership in 2024 is identity politics. He said that identity politics was considered capable of triggering radicalism. So, one way to overcome the threat of terrorism and radicalism in the 2024 General Election and Presidential Election is to reduce the politicization of religion so that it does not lead to the spread of hatred among society.

            Meanwhile, the Chairman of BEM Nusantara DIY, Muhammad Nur Fadillah, stated that movements of radicalism, terrorism, intolerance and various acts of crime were increasingly massive in DIY, including the arrest of a suspected terrorist in Sleman. In an effort to maintain social security and the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia, youth and students announced their rejection of the ideas of radicalism, terrorism and intolerance, and fully supported the National Police security forces in handling crime cases that disturbed citizens. BEM Nusantara DIY is committed to synergizing with the DIY Regional Police in maintaining the conduciveness of social security and order and the unity and unity of the Republic of Indonesia.

The public is asked to be more alert to terrorist groups because they are very good at blending in among ordinary people. The entire community must firmly reject the practices of intolerance, radicalism and terrorism and fully support the implementation of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) so that it runs smoothly, safely and peacefully.

For terrorist and radical groups, the government is the enemy. They use all means including violence. Democratic values ​​recognize that difference and diversity are realities that must be accepted and celebrated. Because diversity will produce innovation and creativity which is positive energy for the nation’s progress.

            Regional Military Commander (Pangdam) XVI Pattimura, Major General of the Indonesian National Army (Mayjend TNI) Syafrial said that his party had a Basudara Pattimura program. With the existence of this program, we can ensure that the holding of democratic parties and political contestation in the General Election (Pemilu) in 2024 will take place safely, peacefully and smoothly in the country, especially in Maluku Province.

Readiness to ensure that the entire election implementation process can be successful does not only come from the security forces, but also all elements of the nation and society from various circles are also continuously invited to work together to make the implementation of the General Election a success peacefully through local wisdom which is upheld. very high.

Society as the vanguard of resistance must be strengthened in unity of command and coated with a strong national insight and must be equipped with a moderate, friendly, peaceful and tolerant religious understanding. Because this resistance cannot be done alone, but must be carried out together.

Primarily, the value of Pancasila needs to be upheld because it is the nation’s ideology which was agreed upon by the nation’s founders. Politics often creates its own friction, but that doesn’t mean that friction then turns into hatred for the Republic of Indonesia, leading to counterproductive actions. Therefore, in order to realize a safe and peaceful 2024 election, there needs to be cooperation from all parties to ward off various ideas of radicalism in any form. The public must be aware of the spread of radicalism and report it to the security forces if they find people inviting them to do radical things. Apart from that, the government and security forces will of course work hard to secure the situation and conditions, for the success of the 2024 elections, while protecting all Indonesian people.

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