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Indonesia Chairs ASEAN Heads of State Summit


The ASEAN Summit is a summit meeting between the leaders of ASEAN member countries which is routinely held every year. In 2023, Indonesia holds the baton as chair of ASEAN, so that Indonesia is also responsible for leading a number of ASEAN activities, including hosting the ASEAN Summit. Previously, the 42nd ASEAN Summit was successfully held in Labuan Bajo in May 2023, where many concrete agreements and solutions were created for the sake of one goal, namely the welfare of the people in the Southeast Asian Region and globally.

There are many challenges faced by Indonesia in becoming chairman of ASEAN because Indonesia holds the baton of chairmanship in the midst of a very difficult global situation, where crises have hit globally, such as the economic crisis, energy crisis, food crisis, war, and post-Covid-pandemic. 19, which requires strategic and concrete solutions.

Director General of Information and Public Communication of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Dirjen IKP Kominfo), Usman Kansong, said that the 43rd ASEAN Summit 2023 in Jakarta on September 5-7 was attended by 26 countries. Consists of 10 ASEAN member countries and several other invited countries.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was founded in 1967 and consists of 10 member countries, namely: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. ASEAN’s goal is not limited to maintaining regional stability, but also more than that carrying out economic integration and in improving regional competitiveness

ASEAN is the geopolitical and economic organization of countries in the Southeast Asian region. This organization aims to increase economic growth, social progress and cultural development of its member countries, promote peace and stability at the regional level, and increase opportunities to discuss differences between its members in a peaceful manner.

In the 43rd ASEAN Summit, according to the Director General for ASEAN Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu), Sidharto R Suryodipuro, Indonesia was the main captain where President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) led 12. The 43rd Summit also invited the IMF and World Bank as well as a number of other world organizations.

Previously, President Joko Widodo had expressed his belief that ASEAN was able to face various current global challenges. For this reason, he firmly invited Heads of State/Heads of Government to work together to strengthen the unity of ASEAN countries, so that ASEAN would be able to become a central player in bringing peace and growth.

The ASEAN Chairmanship Summit (Summit) in Indonesia provides an opportunity and shows Indonesia’s strategic role in strengthening ASEAN’s institutional capacity and capability, especially in forming a regional order based on multilateralism and the values ​​of inclusiveness.

Indonesia’s chairmanship at the 2023 ASEAN Summit is a momentum to show Indonesia’s economic resilience. So that Indonesia deserves to be a destination for foreign investment. The holding of the 2023 ASEAN Summit also boosted the national economy in various cities where side events were held.

For your information, the ASEAN Summits that have been held in Indonesia include the 1st ASEAN Summit which was held on 23-24 February 1976 in Bali. At the summit there was an agreement on the formation of an ASEAN secretariat based in Jakarta with the first Secretary General “Secretary General” being an Indonesian named HR Dharsono.

Meanwhile, the 9th ASEAN Summit was held on 7-8 October 2003 in Bali. At the Summit, Indonesia proposed the establishment of an “Asean Community” which covers the economic, social, cultural and security sectors.

The 18th ASEAN Summit was held on 4-8 May 2011 in Jakarta, and the 19th ASEAN Summit was held on 17-19 November 2011 in Bali. At the conference, an agreement was reached on a nuclear weapons free area in Southeast Asia or what is known as the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone “SEANWFZ”.

Indonesia’s role in ASEAN has proven to be very large. Not only in the economic sector, Indonesia’s role in the security sector is also very large. As one of the founders of ASEAN, Indonesia has also been trusted to hold several ASEAN High Level Conferences (Summits). This is clear evidence of the international public’s trust in Indonesia’s leadership.

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