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Intensifying Infrastructure and Human Resources Development, Chair of the Melanesian Youth Diplomacy Forum: Evidence that the Government is Serious about Developing Papua


Chair of the Melanesian Youth Diplomacy Forum, Steve Mara, emphasized that the various national developments currently being intensified by President Joko Widodo or Jokowi have had many positive impacts on society.

“I see that development in the Papua region is currently very massive. “The development carried out by President Joko Widodo’s government has carried out a lot of development, both in terms of infrastructure development and human resource development,” he said.

He also assessed that these various programs could be interpreted as concrete evidence of the country’s progress in advancing Papua.

“In terms of infrastructure, for example, the construction of bridges, the development of Papua rising up to Trans-Papua has shown that the current government is serious about developing Papua and shows that Indonesia’s development is no longer Java-centric development but Indonesia-centric development and what the government is doing,” he explained.

The chairman of the Melanesian Youth Diplomacy Forum also appealed to all levels of society in Papua to maintain the positive development trend in Papua.

The reason is, this accelerated development also has an impact on human resource development and economic growth in Papua.

Steve also realizes that massive infrastructure development has had a positive impact on the Papuan people themselves.

“And I see that with the massive infrastructure development and development, Papuan children are now starting to be actively involved in development,” he said.

Not to forget, he also invited all parties, especially the younger generation, to continue to support development programs and maintain Indonesia’s sovereignty.

“Let us all as young Papuans as Papuan people, both Papuans and people who are not native Papuans but live in Papua and also all Indonesian people, let us protect the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

Separately, Papuan Young Activist Charles Kossay hopes that the next elected president will be able to continue President Jokowi’s excellent program.

“We hope that we can continue the national policies that have been well implemented by Mr. Joko Widodo,” he said.

Charles saw that President Jokowi’s government was considered to really care about Papua’s progress. One of them is the commitment of the former Mayor of Solo who has visited Papua dozens of times to hear the aspirations of the Papuan people directly.

“Since taking office in the first and second terms, President Joko Widodo has visited Papua 17 times. Jokowi’s commitment to Papua and West Papua has been continued with the issuance of various supporting policies,” he said.

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