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Joint Officials Ready to Optimize VVIP Security for the 43rd ASEAN Summit


Jakarta – The combined security forces consisting of the TNI, Polri, Ministry of Defense, BIN and BSSN are ready to secure the ASEAN Summit on 5-7 September 2023.

The Joint Regional Defense Command (Kogabwilhan) I as the Joint Integrated Security Command (Kogabpadpam) VVIP held a VVIP Security Operation (Pam) for the President, Vice President and State Guests at the level of Head of State or Head of Government in the VVIP Security activities of the 43rd ASEAN Summit 2023 in DKI Jakarta, from 1 to 9 September 2023.

TNI Commander Admiral TNI Yudo Margono said that the security this time would not be much different from the security at the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, NTT.

“The ASEAN Summit has already been held, so I’m sure all of the officers can carry out this task properly and further collaboration between Task Forces is needed in a coordinated manner,” he said.

The TNI Commander explained, during the ASEAN Summit VVIP activities, there were several Task Forces (Satgas) that would carry out security, including the VVIP and Regional Security Units, Air Force/Senior Defense Task Force, Passus Task Force, Information Task Force, Medical Task Force, Intelligence Task Force, Maritime Task Force. , Airport and Harbor Pam Task Force, Komlek Task Force, Evacuation Task Force, and Cyber ​​Task Force.

“The aim of implementing the ASEAN Summit VVIP Pam is to ensure the security, safety and personal comfort of VVIP Conference participants at any time, wherever they are, as well as ensuring the security of the areas visited by VVIPs,” he explained.

Apart from involving the TNI and Polri as Kogasgab Pam VVIP and the Pamwil Task Force, it also involves related ministries/institutions and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

“This collaboration was taken to repair a number of roads in the capital city and ensure the readiness of public facilities,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Head of BSSN, Lt. Gen. TNI (Ret.) Hinsa Siburian said that BSSN is also carrying out cyber and password security operations in order to support the implementation of security for the 43rd ASEAN Summit in 2023.

“BSSN mapped the 723 assets that have been identified into the main and supporting assets for the implementation of the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta. In addition, vulnerability testing has been carried out on 6 assets in the implementation of the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, namely, ASEAN Summit Media Registration Website, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Website, ASEAN Summit Registration Website, ASEAN Summit Main Website, Hotel Mulia Jakarta Website. , and the City Forest Website by Plataran,” he explained.

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