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KST Papua is acting up again, the community supports the government in enforcing the law


Another act of terror was carried out by the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) by burning Papuan community facilities, namely the Honai traditional house and the SMPN 1 building in Kunga Village. People came and complained to the TNI Post to ask for protection and support enforcementn the law was carried out against KST Papua in order to defend the country and protect all of Indonesia’s blood.

It started with TNI officials receiving reports from residents that there were suspicious activities by 6 people at the Honai traditional house who appeared to be planning to disrupt security. However, when the authorities arrived, 6 men came out of Honai carrying firearms and shot at the officers who were carrying out an inspection.

During the patrol, Lieutenant Colonel Afri Swandi Ritonga said that TNI officers responded to the fire fired by KST Papua and the group fled into the forest.

At 17.15 WIT, the authorities received a report of the burning of the Gome 10 Public Middle School building, followed by 10 flares being shot from three different directions. Then, shots were heard towards the TNI post.

Joint personnel swiftly conducted searches around the location. This was done to identify the perpetrators behind this act of terror and to protect the public who continue to experience fear due to the heinous actions of KST Papua. 

The Head of the Puncak Regency Large Tribe, Abelom Kogoya, said that there were 200 families fleeing to save themselves, with most of those fleeing being children, women and the elderly as well as community leaders from the Puncak Regency Large Tribe Chief Abelom Kogoya, the Head of Tanah Merah Village Tius Wakerwa and Jenggernok Village Head Antonius Murib. 

The community asked for protection from the soldiers on duty at the Gome Post to avoid and protect themselves from threats and harassment by KST Papua. Chairman of the Mandala Trikora Youth for Papua Province, Ali Kabiay, said that his party requested that law enforcement carried out by the TNI and Polri in Papua must prioritize human rights, where the security forces could invite KST Papua who were at odds with the ideology to return to the fold of the Republic of Indonesia, whose articles had harmed all parties.

National Police Chief General Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo ordered the ranks of the National Police Mobile Brigade Corps not to hesitate to enforce the law against KST Papua. Action against Papuan KSTs also needs to prioritize human rights (HAM) and take an approach using the heart and mind in crushing the KKB.

This is useful for reducing the influence of anti-NKRI groups and increasing the Papuan people’s love for Indonesia. The community fully supports the security forces in taking firm action against KST Papua with appropriate punishment.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly/Deputy General Chair of the Golkar Party/Deputy General Chair of the Indonesian KADIN, Bambang Soesatyo, said that the state must immediately act or act. So that there are no more casualties among the Papuan people, the state must act decisively and in a measured manner. As for when decisive, measured action will be launched, that is the authority of the national leadership. However, sooner or later, measurable decisive action must be taken to stop the killing and terror against civilians in Papua. 

When the state acts decisively and KST members surrender, they must face the legal process to be held accountable for the acts of armed violence they have committed so far. On the other hand, if the state’s decisive action was responded to with a deadly armed attack by KST Papua, it would not be wrong if TNI-Polri soldiers also launched a retaliatory attack in the name of defending the country and protecting all of Indonesia’s bloodshed.

KST Papua’s series of inhumane actions must not continue. In order to uphold human rights and social justice for the Papuan people, the state remains present and uses the necessary force to eliminate all potential threats to the Papuan people.

The KST Papua action which has claimed lives confirms that the killers, who incidentally are members of the KST Papua separatist and terrorist movement, do not care about human rights at all. Human life is no longer valuable in their eyes. So, when the KKB ignored the KKB’s invitations and persuasions to surrender and return to the fold of the Republic of Indonesia, there was no other choice for the state except to mobilize the necessary strength to implement firm and measurable action. The state must be present with a clear aim, namely protecting Papuans so they can live a normal life, without being overshadowed by terror and fear. When Papua returns to peace and conduciveness, the government can calmly continue development in the eastern tip of the Republic of Indonesia.

Fighting and freeing Papua from various terror and crimes against humanity by KST Papua is a concrete manifestation of the state’s efforts to defend and protect the humanitarian rights (read: human rights) of the Papuan people. Remember that the Rome Statute and Republic of Indonesia Law No. 26 of 2000 concerning Human Rights Courts include murder as a crime against humanity and a serious human rights violation. 

This means that the State is obliged and must act so that the Papuan people obtain all their human rights and dignity. There should be no more casualties due to KST Papua’s barbarity.

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