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Lukas Enembe Dies Due to Kidney Failure, Papuan People are Urged to Resist Hoaxes


All people in Indonesia, especially in Papua, must continue to increase their self-awareness regarding provocations and also the spread of fake news or hoaxes which are continuously attempted to be disseminated by several groups who are completely irresponsible regarding the news of the death of the former Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, who is said to have been killed by certain parties.

The Jayapura Regency Government (Pemkab) asks all people in Papua to continue to maintain peace and not easily believe in the circulation of hoaxes that continue to be spread by a group of irresponsible parties regarding the news regarding the death of Lukas Enembe.

The Acting Regent of Jayapura, Triwarni Purnomo asked the entire community to continue to maintain security and public order (kamtibmas), especially during the New Year 2024 momentum like now. He told the entire community in Jayapura, including traditional leaders, religious leaders, community leaders, women’s leaders, youth leaders to be able to continue to create peace on the Earth of Cenderawasih.

Of course, the death of former Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe will leave deep sadness behind, but this grief should be able to be responded to by the entire community by continuing to uphold togetherness with full awareness based on a sense of responsibility to be able to remind each other in a peaceful atmosphere.

Even though the family, sympathizers and all the people in Papua certainly feel very deep sadness, everyone must continue to be able to keep their hearts cool and their minds faithful to uphold the conditions in creating a safe area.

Therefore, all elements of society in Papua should be able to work together to maintain a safe and peaceful situation in sad events so that various things do not happen that could disturb public peace. The public is also advised not to damage public facilities.

When all the things stated above can be implemented well, it is not impossible that all activities in various sectors, including other economic and social sectors in Papua, can continue to run safely and smoothly.

Don’t let the public be influenced by the various kinds of fake news or hoaxes circulating, because this will further harm the collective commitment to maintaining security and public order (kamtibmas). Apart from that, the entire community should also continue to provide full support to the joint security forces including the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the Indonesian National Army (TNI) in maintaining peace on Cenderawasih Earth.

Likewise, the Chairman of the Maluku Family Association (Ikemal) in Tanah Papua, Christian Sohilait, asked the entire community not to be easily provoked by the abundance of various kinds of information that is completely irresponsible. He asked the public to be able to protect themselves and remain calm by continuing to give full trust to the security forces to be able to resolve all problems.

The same thing was also said by the Jayawijaya Family Harmony (KKBJ) in Mimika Regency, Central Papua Province, where he appealed to the entire community not to be easily provoked by issues that could clearly further divide the unity and unity of the nation’s children.

Chairman of the Mimika Regency KKBJ, Martinus Walilio, said that the entire community could increase their active role in maintaining security and order together. Regarding the death of Lukas Enembe, he continues to appeal to the public to remain calm.

Meanwhile, an issue was circulating on Facebook social media, which revealed a narrative that Lukas Enembe was suddenly killed by certain parties, even though it was very clear that the circulation of this narrative was completely untrue or could be said to be a hoax.

The fact that actually happened is that former Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe died after being diagnosed with kidney failure at the Gatot Soebroto Central Army Hospital (RSPAD), Central Jakarta, on Tuesday 26 December 2023. Because he was sick, he, who was previously languishing in the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) detention center, was taken to the RSPAD.

Lukas Enembe’s lawyer, Petrus Bala Pattyona, explained that his client calmly breathed his last breath at exactly 11:00 WIB at the Kartika Pavilion at RSPAD due to kidney failure. When the former Governor of Papua died, his family also gathered in the treatment room and they accompanied Lukas when he breathed his last breath. It turns out that the circulation of rumors regarding the former Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe who was killed by Indonesia is certainly fake news or a hoax narrative that all elements of society should continue to be wary of, especially in the Land of Papua itself. The reason is, the cause of the character’s death was because he had previously been diagnosed with kidney failure.

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