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Maintain brotherhood for the smooth running of the 2024 elections


Maintaining brotherhood in society is an important key to realizing a peaceful and safe 2024 General Election. The existence of brotherhood or solidarity among community members can help reduce the potential for conflict, tension and violence during the election period. Ahead of the 2024 General Election, obstacles and threats have the potential to emerge which are feared to disrupt the implementation of the General Election itself. Public awareness and vigilance must be increased because provocation by individuals who want chaos during the elections will reappear in various ways.

The public has a very important role in being aware of threats that hinder the election process. Being aware of various potential vulnerabilities is a collective task to ensure that general elections run safely and with integrity, and that voters can make decisions or provide correct information. In addition, through joint efforts to maintain brotherhood and promote democratic values, society can create a conducive environment for a peaceful election process and strengthen the foundations of democracy in the country.

In the 2024 election, which is now underway, the same phenomenon is likely to occur again. Political parties, politicians, candidate supporters and the public have the potential to be exposed to or participate in producing disinformation for various purposes. This is like attacking certain candidates, the credibility of election organizers, or the election process itself.

Not long ago, a clash between two mass groups occurred in Bitung, North Sulawesi, resulting in casualties. The clash occurred due to misunderstanding or misinformation between the two mass groups, thus triggering conflict between the two. With the conflict between the two masses, it is hoped that the public will not be provoked, especially ahead of elections like now, conduciveness must be maintained in order to create a safe and peaceful democratic party.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo), Budi Arie Setiadi, said that his party asked the public not to be incited by hoaxes related to the clash between two mass groups that occurred in Bitung, North Sulawesi. He also appealed to all elements of society to use all  digital platforms  wisely and together to create a peaceful and dignified Indonesia.

Budi invited the public to be wise in seeking information from the right sources and only refer to information provided by local government authorities. As well as advising the public to request information by contacting the nearest regional leadership representative. That way, the public can get clear information and not be influenced by information that is confusing and the truth of which has not been verified. So that through a combination of efforts from various parties, including the government, community leaders and the general public, we can create conditions that support peaceful elections in 2024. The success of peaceful elections will strengthen the foundations of democracy and increase public trust in the political system.

Being alert to provocations ahead of the 2024 elections is an important step to ensure smoothness and peace in the democratic process. Apart from that, the public must also be wary of provocations in various media. The media is often used by individuals as an instrument to divide society, so society must be wise and continue to increase literacy and brotherhood so as not to be influenced by misleading content in various media today.

To anticipate various vulnerabilities during the election process, the community must be at the forefront in realizing safe and peaceful elections. The role of the community as the front guard in guarding peaceful elections is very important. Active participation and community responsibility can help create a conducive environment for holding general elections. Apart from that, people who are active and aware of their participation can make a major contribution in maintaining peaceful and dignified elections.

National Police Chief, Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, said that his party invites all elements of society to take part in overseeing the 2024 elections so that they are safe and peaceful even though they have different choices of leaders. Apart from that, according to Sigit, election contestation is a democratic party that should be welcomed with joy and excitement. So that the community can carry out the 2024 elections in a conducive manner and still maintain mutual brotherhood.

Apart from that, holding the 2024 Election with joy can be a momentum to strengthen relations between communities, increase tolerance, and build awareness that despite differences, everyone is under the same umbrella, namely the umbrella of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Elections that are celebrated safely and peacefully can be an opportunity to build solidarity and unity among society. When celebrating elections, political differences and party preferences can be put aside for a while, and can unite as a nation in the spirit of democracy.

For this reason, it is time for us to view the election as a fun democratic celebration and carry it out cheerfully and cheerfully, as well as celebrate the election with a positive spirit, so that we can strengthen the foundations of democracy and ensure a better future for the Indonesian people.

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