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Maintain Conduciveness, All Parties Must Respect the Election Results


All parties share an obligation, namely to continue to be able to maintain conduciveness in their respective regions. Regarding however and whatever the results of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu), everyone must be able to respect it because it is the result of the choice of the Indonesian people in accordance with the principles of democracy.

The event of democratic celebrations and political contestation has indeed reached its peak, namely at the voting on February 14 2024. Therefore, in relation to how the elections run, it is hoped that they will be able to remain in a safe condition, full of democratization and justice.Regarding this matter, the General Chair of the Central Leadership Council (DPP) of the Indonesian National Youth Committee (KNPI), Muhammad Ryano Pantjaitan, encouraged that the running of democratic principles in this nation should not be tainted by the spread of fake news or hoaxes, slander, or accusations that are not based on facts. or any data at all.He hopes that the General Election Commission (KPU) and the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) will be able to treat all democratic party contestants equally. For this reason, supervision from all elements of society is also very important, starting from how the voting takes place until the completion of the vote count.Regarding the many issues that have recently been circulating, including the efforts of a handful of parties to spread false news or slander, in fact this is of course completely inexcusable even in any context, whether it is campaigning or seeking sympathy from voters.Moreover, if there are a handful of parties who then accuse it as if the election had been fraudulent, this could become part of the preconditions for delegitimizing or rejecting the results of the 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres) from the people’s choice. Obviously, this is the attitude of a loser in a contest, which means they are only ready to win, but not at all ready to lose.In fact, any contest at any level should be able to be participated in by knights who have the attitude of being ready to win and are ready to lose and can respect whatever the final result of the contest will be as long as it has been determined to be final and constitutionally valid.Don’t let certain parties, because they are not ready to lose, try to lead various kinds of opinions that corner and even try to delegitimize the final results of the 2024 elections which have been determined and are constitutionally valid.No matter how hard the battles that have been experienced previously in the entire General Election process of all the teams and supporters of each candidate, they should all be proud to accept whatever the results of the people’s choice are. If all parties have this attitude, it will be a sign that the Indonesian nation is very civilized and democratic.On the other hand, if there are still parties who feel that they do not want to lose even though the final results have been announced and are final and valid, this indicates that the Indonesian nation is clearly still not at the maturity stage in democracy, and has the potential for disintegration among the nation’s own children so that the atmosphere becomes not conducive. .Meanwhile, the General Chairperson of the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership (PP), Haedar Nashir, gave very high appreciation to the KPU and Bawaslu who have carried out their duties very well and orderly to oversee the Indonesian democratic party until its final point on voting day, February 14 2024.The entire implementation of the General Election is in accordance with the constitution of this nation, regardless of the results of the choice and whoever the winner in the political contest is, it is purely the voice of the people themselves who have been sincere in coming directly to the Polling Place (TPS) as well as the results of the people’s choice. that is of course with their hearts and rational minds.Henceforth, it is hoped that the entire calculation process can be carried out completely and run well in accordance with the rules, and it is also hoped that there will be no errors or errors and that it will be in accordance with the application of the principles of direct, general, free, confidential, honest and fair (exuberant and fair) , with dignity and noble ethics while still maintaining the principles of rules and the applicable constitution.All parties must be able to respect the people’s choice and be able to accept whatever the final results of the election are with an attitude of humility, chivalry, and statesmanship with full national and state spirit. All parties should be able to accept the election results gracefully because the contest has ended without reducing their commitment to building this nation and state together and continuing to realize environmental conduciveness.

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