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Make the 2024 Election Peaceful Without Hostilities


Elections are one of the important instruments in democracy. Through elections, people can choose the leaders they want. Elections that are peaceful and without hostility are important to realize. Peaceful elections will create a conducive and democratic atmosphere, so that the election results can be accepted by all parties. To make this happen requires participation from all parties, including the government, political parties, mass media and society itself.

The government has the most central role, where it needs to ensure that elections are carried out democratically, fairly and honestly. The government also needs to make efforts to prevent conflict and hostility during the campaign and voting period. The government must socialize the importance of elections that are peaceful and without hostility to the community. Including, increasing supervision over the implementation of elections, avoiding black campaigns and hate speech. If indications are found or even proven that there is a violation, then law enforcement against violators must be fair, and there must be no differentiation between political camps.

In a national scientific oration at the Reception for the 16th Anniversary of the Nahdlatul Ulama Higher Education Student Executive Board (BEM PTNU) throughout the archipelago, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD emphasized the importance of carrying out the 2024 Election honestly, fairly and peacefully in order to ensure that the Election is held peacefully . As part of the government, Mahfud delivered an inspirational message and reminded him that the elections should be carried out with complete honesty.

Mahfud emphasized that leaders resulting from fraud will not bring good to Indonesia. Therefore, the public is encouraged not to get involved in this fraud and choose to maintain integrity as a determinant of votes. Society must have a broad view of Indonesia’s future. If interpreted carefully, choosing a potential leader should not be haphazard because it will determine the direction of Indonesia in the next five years. For the better or the opposite.

Furthermore, the government also needs to strengthen cooperation between election organizers, political parties and the public to create a conducive climate during the campaign and voting period. This can be done by encouraging active participation from all parties in the election process, such as through effective political education for the community. This is important to increase people’s understanding of the importance of elections and how to participate in elections in a good and correct way.

Political parties must promote national values ​​and avoid negative or provocative campaigns. Political parties must also place the interests of the nation and state above the interests of political parties or personal interests.

Meanwhile, mass media and journalists also have an important role in realizing peaceful elections, namely as balancing and educational media. The mass media needs to provide accurate and objective information about the election, and prevent the spread of fake news and hate speech.

The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo), which has the greatest responsibility in ensuring factual reporting on various media platforms, is not enough to just take down or even block provocateur websites and accounts. However, it is also necessary to send out positive messages as a proactive effort to invite the public to participate in guarding the elections peacefully and of course without hostility.

Kominfo launched an information dissemination strategy to create a peaceful election in 2024. This strategy is divided into three periods, namely pre-election, election and post-election.

The Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo), Budi Arie Setiadi, stated that the message carried in this dissemination aims to respond to election issues, such as increasing participation, fulfilling the right to vote and be elected, as well as anticipating SARA issues, anti-division and polarization. The Minister of Communication and Information emphasized the importance of dealing with hoaxes to maintain the security of the digital space. Budi Arie explained that the pre-election period focused on calls to fight abstention and encourage public participation in the elections.

Meanwhile, during the election period, information dissemination is focused on efforts to maintain conduciveness during the voting and vote counting process. In the post-election period, the message conveyed focused on an invitation to maintain unity in facing the election results.

According to the Minister of Communication and Information, collaboration with digital platforms, election organizers, election supervisors and other strategic stakeholders is key in supporting the holding of safe and conducive elections. Coordination across work units in the Ministry of Communication and Information is also considered an important step.

The Ministry of Communication and Information also collaborates with telecommunications operators and broadcasting institutions to disseminate information via SMS Blast, status bar and Whatsapp channels. Socialization and discussions about the 2024 Peaceful Election were carried out in various regions, including the production of content, infographics, public service advertisements in video and audio format, as well as print media.

The Minister of Communication and Information emphasized that anticipating hoaxes is a priority. The Ministry monitors election issues, publishes hoax clarifications, deletes hoax content, and cuts off access to sites that spread hoaxes. In addition, measuring the quality of telecommunications services is carried out to maintain the smooth implementation of elections, especially during vote counting.

The 2024 election is expected to be a momentum for community unity in the spirit of democracy, without hostility and fraud. It is hoped that honesty, neutrality and active participation at all levels of society will lead Indonesia towards quality elections and leaders who are in line with the wishes of the people. Conducive elections will pave the way for Indonesia’s development as a strong and united democratic country.

It must be remembered that the 2024 elections require collaboration from all parties to create an atmosphere of peace and free from hostility. Proper outreach, close cooperation between election organizers, political parties and the public, effective political education and promotion of national values ​​are concrete steps that must be taken. All of this must be done with full awareness that peaceful elections are a common dream, and active collaboration from all parties can lead Indonesia towards a better future.

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