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Mutual Cooperation Creates Fair Elections Free from Fraud


In facing the 2024 Presidential Election, the challenge of ensuring the continuity of a healthy democracy that is free from fraudulent practices is the main focus. Realizing clean elections is not just the responsibility of monitoring institutions or organizers, but is a shared commitment of the entire community.
In this case, the Suara Rakyat Election Monitoring Institute (LPP Surak) held an intense discussion with the theme “Election Legitimacy at Stake in the Midst of Issues of Fraud and Presidential Neutrality” in Jakarta on Sunday, January 28 2024. Chairman of LPP Surak, Oskar Vitriano, emphasized the urgency of this discussion related to the issue of the neutrality of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), which is currently in the public spotlight.
This discussion involved various parties, including the success team for candidate pairs and election organizing institutions, such as the General Election Commission (KPU) and the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu).
Oskar explained that the main aim of this discussion was to provide the public with an understanding of the current dynamics and explained that, despite various polemics and allegations of fraud, the 2024 presidential election must still be carried out peacefully and fairly, avoiding the complications experienced in 2019.
In holding elections, Oskar emphasized the importance of all election participants, both presidential and legislative candidates, to show a winning strategy that is in accordance with the corridors and rules set by the KPU. The vision and mission must be conveyed wisely, and the winning strategy must be implemented well in order to gain community support.
Oskar observed that by implementing all stages of the election well, we can create leaders who have superior qualities. Leaders who are elected through a transparent and fair process are expected to be able to take positive policies for the welfare of society.
He emphasized that hopes for peaceful and comfortable elections will not be realized if they are not carried out fairly, emphasizing the importance of maintaining integrity during the democratic process.
Oskar ended his views by emphasizing that the president who will be elected is the result of an election that prioritizes quality. The success of elections does not only lie in the smoothness of the process, but also in the positive impact it produces.
Oskar highlighted the importance of electing a president who is able to provide real positive benefits for Indonesian society. In this way, he reminded that the essence of elections does not only lie in the candidate’s victory or defeat, but also in the welfare of the people which must be felt as a concrete result of every choice made.
Meanwhile, the Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) of Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra) Province is actively monitoring alleged campaign fraud committed by 2024 Election participants via social media (Medsos).
Even though it has not yet entered the campaign stage in the social media realm according to PKPU number 15 of 2023, Bawaslu Sultra has started monitoring to ensure the continuity of a fair and transparent election process.
Chairman of the Southeast Sulawesi Bawaslu, Iwan Rompo Banne, clarified that this monitoring is focused on potential campaign violations on social media. The new rules for campaigning via social media will apply from January 21 to February 10 2024, and an in-depth study will be carried out before determining whether there are any confirmed violations.
Iwan Rompo Banne also invited the public to take part in monitoring, by appealing to all suspected campaign violations to be reported to Bawaslu. This step was taken to ensure that this year’s elections run fairly, without any suspicion or fraud that could shake the integrity of the election.
Responding to the monitoring carried out by the Southeast Sulawesi Bawaslu, it is important for the public to actively participate in maintaining the integrity of the election. Bawaslu Sultra encourages the public to report any potential campaign violations they encounter. In this way, every citizen can contribute to creating clean and honest elections.
Not only that, the Southeast Sulawesi KPU also gave an early warning to prospective election participants to campaign in accordance with the established rules. All of these steps show seriousness and joint efforts in creating the 2024 Election that is free from fraudulent practices, making public participation the main key to success.
Making the 2024 Election free from fraudulent practices is not only the task of monitoring institutions such as Bawaslu or organizers such as the KPU. This is a shared responsibility, involving active participation from all elements of society. By involving themselves in the monitoring and reporting process, every citizen contributes to the integrity of elections and maintains the foundations of democracy.

The importance of maintaining the President’s neutrality and ensuring that the election process is fair cannot be ignored. Awareness of the importance of clean elections needs to be instilled in the minds of every voter and election organizer. Let’s work together to build elections that provide equal space for each candidate, so that the results truly reflect the will of the people.
In this way, we will not only have democratically elected leaders, but also strengthen the foundations of our democracy. Achieving clean elections is a collective effort, and active involvement of all parties is the key to success. Let us unite to build a better future through the 2024 elections that are clean and transparent.

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