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Neutrality Don’t Just Be a Slogan, DKPP Chairman Calls Elections the Motherland of Democracy


Jakarta – The 2024 Election (General Election) is an important moment in testing the quality of democracy and leadership in Indonesia.

DKPP Chairman Heddy Lugito said that elections are the mother of democracy. Because the elections produce the leaders of this country.

“Let us guard the 2024 elections democratically and with integrity,” said Heddy in a public discussion entitled “The Quality of Indonesia’s Democracy and Leadership Will Be Tested Through the Neutrality of the 2024 Elections”, Tuesday (28/11).

Heddy mentioned the 5 keys to democratic elections, namely good regulations, neutral bureaucracy, participants who obey the rules, intelligent participatory voters, and election organizers with integrity.

“The regulations are not very good. “Regulations in Indonesia are still easy to manipulate,” said Heddy.

According to him, election participation in Indonesia is the largest in the world, up to 70 – 80 percent. Meanwhile, existing research results show that our voters still accept money politics by 50 – 60 percent.

“DKPP was formed to maintain election neutrality. DKPP always ensures that election organizers are perpendicular to democracy. At every stage there must be no ethical violations, no matter how small. “We will ensure that all stages of the election run smoothly,” emphasized Heddy.

Meanwhile, TPN Ganjar – Mahfud spokesperson, Aiman ​​Witjaksono, also reminded that ‘Neutrality’ should not just be a slogan.

“The question is why in this election there was so much talk about neutrality? “It started when serious violations occurred at the Constitutional Court (MK),” said Aiman.

Aiman ​​emphasized that democracy comes from an agreement so that it should not result in criminal charges thereby undermining democracy.

“Today we fight for democratic jihad. Democracy comes from Agreement. Don’t let it end in a crime that undermines democracy. “Never be afraid to fight for Democracy,” said Aiman.

On the same occasion, Co Captain of the Anies – Muhaimin National Team, Al Muzammil Yusuf, said that the community movement definitely wants neutrality in elections, both for candidates and the process. However, the concern is monitoring the people’s vote, where one vote is very meaningful and must be ensured to be counted.

“All presidential candidates, all parties, all apparatus must work together to invite the people to vote happily without any intimidation from anywhere. People today are very mature. “What we fear is not conflict between the people but rather elites and elites,” said Al Muzammil.

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