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Obey the 2024 Homecoming Rules for Safety and Smooth Travel


Eid homecoming is a moment that millions of people in Indonesia look forward to every year. This tradition is not only a place to gather with family, but also as a form of gratitude for the blessings given throughout the year. However, in the excitement of welcoming this victory day, we often forget the importance of obeying the rules set by the government. 2024 is a moment when we must truly understand that obeying the homecoming rules is an obligation for the sake of safety and smooth travel.

Every year, the homecoming flow always becomes a challenge for the government and society. The increase in the number of travelers, combined with limited infrastructure and adequate vehicles, is often the cause of long and prolonged traffic jams. In 2024, the Transportation Policy Agency (BKT) estimates that the number of homecoming travelers will reach 71.7 percent of Indonesia’s total population, a significant increase compared to the previous year. This indicates that we are faced with greater challenges in maintaining smooth travel.

Apart from traffic jams, compliance with traffic rules is also a serious problem that is often ignored by some travelers. Odd-even systems, one-way systems, and contra flow systems implemented by the government are often ignored, causing inconvenience and even accidents that can threaten life safety.

The government will implement a One-Way System for homecoming flows, the one-way system will apply from 5 to 7 April 2024, and on 8 and 9 April 2024. Meanwhile, for return flows, the one-way system will apply from April 12 to 14 2024. Restrictions on entry roads and normalization of traffic conditions are also implemented to ensure smooth flow of going home and returning. The government has prepared traffic engineering for the 2024 Eid homecoming season. There are at least several toll roads that implement a one-way system, tidal lanes or (contra flow), up to odd-even.

The need to anticipate traffic jams due to the high mobility of people both returning home and traveling during the Eid holidays has prompted the Ministry of Transportation, Korlantas Polri and the Ministry of PUPR to regulate traffic. Director General of Land Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation, Hendro Sugiatno, said that in addition to restrictions on goods transport, during the Eid holiday there will be traffic arrangements which include a one-way system, a contra flow system and an odd-numbered system. even.

Apart from that, the implementation of the odd-even system applies to homecoming traffic from 5 to 9 April 2024, and to returning traffic from 12 to 16 April 2024. Vehicles with even numbers are prohibited from passing on odd dates, and vice versa. However, some types of vehicles are exempt from this rule to ensure smooth transportation. The National Police Traffic Corps will apply odd-even during the 2024 Lebaran Homecoming. However, in its implementation, no fines will be issued at the National Police Traffic Corps Head Inspector General Aan Suhanan explained that implementing odd-even is one of the options for limiting private vehicles during the 2024 homecoming traffic. even will use E-TLE. For people who have been ticketed, a confirmation letter will be sent after the Eid holiday or April 16 2024.

Restrictions on goods transportation operations are also enforced from 5 to 16 April 2024 to ensure smooth traffic. Several types of goods transportation remain exempt from these restrictions to ensure the supply of basic goods and other necessities is maintained. Head of Operations for Korlantas Polri, Kombes Edy Djunaedi, said that the Polri Traffic Corps (Korlantas) together with the Director General of Land Transportation (Hubdat) of the Ministry of Transportation are limiting goods transport operations on toll and non-toll roads during the 2024 Eid homecoming flow. homecoming flow. However, there are exceptions for three-axle vehicles and above that transport basic commodities or daily necessities. Vehicles with these provisions are still allowed to pass. The restrictions on goods transportation will come into effect from Friday (5/4) at 09.00 WIB until Tuesday (16/4) at 08.00 WIB on designated routes.

In order to ensure successful implementation of these regulations, public participation and awareness are very important. All travelers are advised to comply with established traffic rules, as well as to prepare their journey well to maintain safety and comfort during the Eid 2024 homecoming journey.

In this context, obeying the rules is a necessity that cannot be questioned. Safety is a top priority, and our obligation as citizens is to keep ourselves and others around us safe. Obeying the homecoming rules is a form of our social responsibility as part of the wider community.

The rules imposed by the government, such as the odd-even system, one-way system, and contra flow system, are not obstacles for us to achieve our goals. On the contrary, these rules are instruments provided by the government to ensure the smooth travel and safety of all travelers. Compliance with these rules will help reduce the risk of accidents and traffic jams, and ensure that our journey runs smoothly and safely.

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