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Opening the ASEAN Summit at the JCC, President Jokowi Called ASEAN Still Maintaining Equal Values


Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) officially opened the peak event of the 43rd ASEAN High Level Conference (KTT) which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), in Jakarta. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) officially opened the 43rd ASEAN Summit which started today, Tuesday (5/9/2023) at the Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center.

In his opening speech, President Jokowi claimed that equality in ASEAN is the main value that is upheld together. ASEAN unity until now is said to be well maintained.

“This equality that I see has become a rarity in the world. “Many injustices and conflicts occur due to the lack of equality,” said Jokowi when opening the 43rd ASEAN Summit at the JCC Senayan Plenary Hall, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/9/2023).

Jokowi also gave an example of Indonesia as a country that has various tribes, languages, religions and cultures. Nevertheless, Jokowi said that these differences actually unite his country’s citizens as family members who have the same position.

“For Indonesia, unity is a harmony in diversity, including differences of opinion,” he added.

Therefore, Jokowi emphasized that differences should be the basis for ASEAN as the main values ​​and principles that must be increasingly respected.

President Jokowi also emphasized that on a global scale, the world is indeed not doing well, the challenges ahead are getting tougher and there is a demand for influence by big powers. However, ASEAN agreed not to become a proxy tool for any power, but to open up opportunities for cooperation for the creation of peace and prosperity.

In his opening speech, President Jokowi said that ASEAN could not possibly stand alone to face the challenges that exist in the world. According to him, in its journey, ASEAN needs to work together with partner organizations from Southeast Asian countries.

“Let’s together create equal and mutually beneficial cooperation to sail together towards the epicenter of growth,” said Jokowi.

The opening ceremony was also attended by leaders and representatives of countries participating in the ASEAN Summit, namely Lao Prime Minister (PM) Sonexay Siphandone, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet, Head of Thai Delegation Sarun Charoensuwan, and President of the Philippines Ferdinan Marcos Jr.

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