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Organizers are Optimal to Prevent Election Data Leaks, the Public is Urged Not to Be Provoked


The election organizers, namely the General Election Commission (KPU), are very optimal in preventing the possibility or potential of data leaks in the democratic party which will be held in 2024. In line with this, all people in Indonesia are advised not to be provoked by several reports circulating on social media, the truth of which cannot yet be confirmed.

Head of the Data and Information Division of the General Election Commission (KPU), Betty Epsilon Idroos responded to news of alleged data leaks in the community. According to him, his party was already aware of this news, namely that it was suspected that hackers were selling data from up to 252 million people from the KPU.

Responding to this news, the election organizers immediately moved very quickly to coordinate with a number of parties to ensure the veracity of the data suspected of being a data leak. The KPU itself collaborated with and asked for assistance from a number of related institutions such as the Cyber Task Force (Satgas) and collaborated with the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN), the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and the National Police Headquarters.

The coordination carried out by the KPU is a very optimal step, which is useful for confirming the veracity of the data whether the alleged sale of data carried out by a hacker is data from the general election organizers or not.

After establishing coordination with the KPU, the Directorate of Cyber Crime (Dittipidsiber) of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Indonesian National Police (Bareskrim Polri) immediately carried out an investigation into the alleged data leak regarding these voters.

The Director of Cyber Crime at Bareskrim Polri, Police Brigadier General (Brigjen Pol) Adi Vivid, revealed that the alleged KPU data leak was discovered as a result of cyber patrols carried out by its members. Currently, the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSRIT) is conducting further investigations into the alleged data leak.

Viral news about cases of alleged data leaks and data sales. It started with a tweet on the X platform @p4c3n0g3 revealing that a threat actor named Jimbo was selling various data from the KPU. This data is sold for 2 BTC (bitcoin) which contains information from as many as 252 million people including Family Identification Numbers (NIK), Family Card Numbers (NKK), Population Identification Card numbers (KTP), Voting Places (TPS), e -KTP, gender and date of birth.

A hacker with the anonymous name ‘Jimbo’ claimed that he had hacked the kpu.go.id site and had succeeded in obtaining various data from voters through the site. Then Jimbo shared up to 500 thousand sample data that he managed to obtain through one of the uploads on the BreachForums site, which is often used to buy and sell hack results.

He shared several screenshots from the site cekdptonline.kpu.go.id to further convince him of the veracity of the data he got. All the data was sold for 74 thousand US Dollars or around 1.1 billion Rupiah, then in another screenshot he shared, Jimbo uploaded a photo resembling the KPU website page which was thought to prove how he hacked the KPU website.

For your information, in fact all of this data is also included with the Consultant General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI), the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (BKRI), and the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia (KRI).

Meanwhile, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo and TNI Commander General TNI Agus Subiyanto hope that all people in the country can also work together to maintain a peaceful situation ahead of the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation in the upcoming General Election (Pemilu).

The National Police Chief appealed to the public not to be easily provoked by various kinds of fake news or hoaxes that are being spread, including if there are various invitations to incitement which then have the potential to divide national unity and unity.

The reason is, the Indonesian nation itself is a large country. Therefore, it is very important to be able to work together to maintain unity in the midst of differences in political choices, because unity and integrity and trying to avoid divisions in society are the main things that must be maintained.

The public is advised not to be easily provoked by various kinds of false news or hoaxes circulating on social media or from various sources whose truth cannot be confirmed. This aims to ensure that the unity and integrity of the Republic of Indonesia remains intact.

Apart from that, regarding the news that there was an alleged data leak from the KPU carried out by a hacker and it was suspected that he had sold all the data, it was also immediately handled by deploying various institutions to carry out further investigations. This shows that the general election organizers have been very optimal in preventing data leaks from occurring.

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