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Papua Separatist Movement Receives International Condemnation


By : Maria Pariri Hurlatu )*

The Papuan separatist movement has received international criticism. ULMWP is absolutely not allowed to join the MSG because it is deemed not to meet the criteria. Apart from that, it is clear that the international community also strongly disagrees with the many cases of human rights violations that are often carried out by these gangs.

Of course, all kinds of movements from any group which have been clearly proven to have tarnished human rights (HAM) and have claimed many lives, even among innocent civilians and among the ranks of the security forces, will never be supported by anyone.

This is no exception for the international community though. It is clear that they will strongly criticize and be completely reluctant to support, let alone help, when there is a movement from a certain person or group that has committed many human rights violations.

So far, the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) has indeed harmed various parties. They absolutely do not hesitate to injure and kill anyone without discrimination with all their heinous and barbaric actions.

In fact, the separatist gangs in Bumi Cenderawasih also continue to use the community, especially children and women, as human shields to threaten and push back against the security forces of the Republic of Indonesia (RI).

There are quite a few cruel actions that they have carried out, such as destroying many public facilities, which are actually intended to improve and accelerate the welfare of the people in the easternmost province in Indonesia. This also includes other crimes such as hostage-taking and murder.

By looking at the notorious track record of the separatist movement in Papua, this has of course made Melanesian leaders very firmly reject the encouragement of pro-Papuan independence activists to join the Melanesian group.

Previously it was known that the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) had applied for full membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) which includes the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vnuatu and Papua New Guinea. With this step, they were initially very optimistic and thought that it would certainly provide a diplomatic victory for ULMWP in its efforts to seek international recognition.

But apparently, the Melanesian leaders still didn’t want to show their commitment to the idea of ​​the ULMWP. Apart from that, Indonesian diplomats also continued to be persistent in lobbying Melanesian leaders regarding this issue, even going on strike when ULMWP leader Benny Wanda was about to make his speech.

Then, the MSG leaders themselves officially issued a final announcement which closed the door on possible membership and even stated that ULMWP did not meet the existing criteria at all.

For information, the Indonesian delegation carried out a walk out (WO) or left the forum at the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) High Level Conference (KTT) in Por Vila, Vanuatu. The summit took place from 23 to 24 August 2023, with one of the topics discussed being membership of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

Suddenly, representatives from the Republic of Indonesia (RI) led by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (Wamenlu) Pahala Mansury immediately left the dorum when the West Papua leadership and ULMWP Chair Benny Wanda were about to deliver his speech.

Regarding the walk out action carried out by representatives from the country, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu RI) Teuku Faizasyah also confirmed and confirmed that the entire Indonesian delegation had indeed carried out the walk out action together.

Of course, it was not without reason why the WO action was carried out by delegates from Indonesia at the MSG Summit when Benny Wanda was about to deliver his speech. This is because Indonesia absolutely cannot accept that someone who should be responsible for the many acts of simultaneous violence on Earth of Cenderawasih, including kidnapping and destruction, is given the opportunity to speak in a respected forum.

Furthermore, actually the act of walking out itself is indeed a normal action in forums and also in the world of diplomacy. After the MSG Summit was over, very firmly the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs then made a statement that the forum had rejected ULMWP becoming their member.

This refusal was conveyed in the Joint Communique (Joint Communique) issued on 24 August 2023, namely that the MSG leaders emphasized that the ULMWP did not meet their membership criteria at all, because MSG membership is only for sovereign countries.

With the rejection of the membership application submitted by ULMWP to MSG, of course this also reflects the attitude of the international world when viewing the separatist movement in Papua. They will obviously never provide support to anyone who has committed many human rights violations.

)* Papuan students live in Bali

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