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Papuan Traditional Leaders Invite the Community to Reject the Papuan KST Terror Actions


The people in Papua firmly reject the acts of terror carried out by the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) which has long disturbed the region. The terror carried out by this terrorist group not only caused fear among the people, but also disrupted the development process carried out by the government to improve prosperity in Papua. The Papuan people firmly reject the existence of KST Papua and strongly support the government’s efforts to eradicate KSTP.

It is the common desire of the Papuan people to live in peace and prosperity. However, KST’s efforts to carry out acts of terror made it difficult for this dream to be realized. These actions not only harm individuals, but also harm the development of Papua as a whole. The government has made great efforts to bring development and increased prosperity to Papua. Many programs have been launched, including infrastructure, education, health and economic development programs. However, the success of these programs is often hampered by disturbances carried out by KST Papua.

Therefore, the Papuan people’s rejection of the KST Papua terror act is a form of their support for the government’s efforts to bring positive change to their region. The people want Papua to always be a safe, peaceful and prosperous region. They realize that peace and security are key prerequisites for sustainable development. Apart from rejecting the KST Papua terror act, the Papuan people are also active in various activities aimed at developing their own region. They participate in development programs, maintain security in their neighborhoods, and strive to improve their own quality of life.

By rejecting the KST Papua terror act and their support for the government’s efforts for development in Papua, the Papuan people show their sincerity in achieving a better future for their region. That is why, all elements of society must also support all efforts to achieve proper peace, prosperity and prosperity in the Land of Papua.

Meanwhile, Papuan traditional leaders’ invitation to the people in Papua not to be provoked by the KST Papua separatist movement is also a very important step in maintaining peace, order and security in the region. KST Papua has long carried out acts of terror that have harmed the Papuan people and disrupted the development process being carried out by the government to improve prosperity in Papua.

Traditional figures as leaders and representatives of the Papuan people have a very significant role in guiding and directing the community. Their invitation not to be provoked by separatist movements shows their commitment to fighting for peace and prosperity for all people in Papua.

A traditional figure from Jayawijaya, Papua Mountain Province, Hengky Heselo, appealed to the entire community not to respond to provocative invitations or statements from separatist groups that could disrupt public security and order. Calls from separatist groups are considered not constructive, they can even divide and bring suffering. Currently, in the Land of Papua, people live in harmony and peace with intensive development from the central government through the Special Autonomy program.

In line with Hengky, a Papuan traditional leader in Jayapura Regency, Papua Province, Yanto Khomlay Eluay, even invited traditional leaders, community leaders and religious leaders to jointly commit to maintaining security and peace in the Land of Papua. He believes that currently there are many provocative statements from both KST Papua and even a number of unwise traditional figures. Therefore, fellow traditional leaders also need to be invited to be wiser in responding to the current development situation in Papua, especially when making statements both on social media and directly to the public. In other words, statements made as traditional figures should not form opinions to the point of causing discomfort or even provoking the public.

The Papuan people, who have long experienced the negative impacts of ongoing conflict, certainly understand the importance of maintaining order and security. They have experienced firsthand how the conflict is detrimental to their daily lives, both from an economic, educational and social perspective. By maintaining order and security, the Papuan people can focus on development and improving their living conditions. They can take advantage of existing opportunities to develop the potential of their region, both in the economic, educational and cultural fields.

For this reason, Papuan traditional leaders also never stop inviting the community to take an active role in maintaining order and security in their territory. This shows that the responsibility to create a safe and peaceful environment is not only the government’s task, but also the collective responsibility of the entire community.

Thus, this invitation from Papuan traditional leaders is not just a greeting, but is a real commitment to maintaining the integrity and progress of Papua. All parties, including the community, traditional leaders and government, need to unite and work together to create an environment conducive to development and prosperity in Papua.

Therefore, we must all support and appreciate this invitation, and together be committed to maintaining peace, order and security in Papua. Only with cooperation and support from all parties, Papua can achieve a better future for everyone who lives there.

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