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Papuan Youth Leaders Praise President Jokowi’s Commitment to Realizing Food Sovereignty


Jakarta – Chairman of the West Papua Province Love NKRI Movement, Napoleon Fakdawer praised President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)’s commitment to realizing food sovereignty.

Not without problems, building food security according to Napoleon is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. Because, there are many challenges that lie ahead.

“One of them is the emergence of the El Nino phenomenon, which causes lower rainfall, resulting in reduced water supplies and creating drought and even crop failure,” said Napoleon.

He assessed that the Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture or Ministry of Agriculture, continues to encourage the realization of sustainable agriculture.

The chairman of the West Papua Province Love Unity Movement also reminded that realizing food sovereignty requires collaboration from all components of society.

“Not only the government, society also plays an important role in maintaining food sovereignty in Indonesia,” explained Napoleon

He also invited all elements of society to support local farmers and consume local food which is considered to be able to reduce food turmoil due to climate change.

“We appreciate and support the government for not remaining silent and taking a number of steps to resolve the food problem, especially in Papua.” he said

“So, it is hoped that poverty alleviation and food sovereignty can be realized on our beloved Earth of Cendrawasih,” concluded Napoleon

Likewise, Agricultural Observer of the Indonesian Political Economy Association (AEPI) Khudori said that the Government so far has a strong commitment to anticipating fluctuations in food prices caused by many factors.

“Including what has been done since last year, when the price of rice was high, the government carried out market operations and social assistance which has continued until this year.” he added.

Not only that, the AEPI Agricultural Observer revealed that several government policies in anticipating food price fluctuations were relatively successful in society, including the rice commodity.

“When rice assistance was no longer provided, namely July-August, rice prices were high again,” he said.

He emphasized that the Government’s policy in anticipating food price fluctuations is very oriented towards lower society.

Khudori believes that this policy is understandable because increasing food prices will disrupt people’s purchasing power.

“If the price of rice is high, their purchasing power will be disrupted and even people who are only a few inches above the poverty line could fall into poverty.” he explained.

Apart from that, the Government is also actively securing rice reserves to anticipate potential crop failure. One way is to open the tap for rice imports.

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