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Papua’s Development Becomes a Stimulus to Improve the Quality of Papuan Youth


By : Loa Murib )*

Development is a stimulus in improving the quality of Papuan youth. This is because the young generation of Papua stands as the main pillar supporting the foundation of Papua’s inclusive and sustainable development. Improving the quality of young Human Resources (HR). It is not only a necessity, but also an urgent need in determining the direction of travel for Papua and the nation as a whole.

As part of a diverse Indonesia, any progress in Papua has a significant impact on the entire country. Therefore, focusing on improving the quality of Papuan human resources is essential in building a bridge to a better future. The first step to be taken is to address the prevalence of stunting, which is often linked to extreme poverty. The Central Papua Government has shown a strong commitment to improving Family Planning (KB) services and increasing the quality of human resources, while building cross-sector collaboration.

Papuan figure Hengky Jokhu said that Papua has a multitude of problems, namely low quality and quantity of human resources, widespread poverty, stunting of children under five, a workforce with minimal skills, unavailability of job opportunities, inability to compete and high unemployment rates. The role of the young generation is very much needed for Papua to accelerate development, improve public services and community welfare.

Building Indonesia in pluralism and heterogeneity should be the dream of the young generation of Papua to push for a revolution in structuring a new government in the future, especially in the special autonomous provinces in the land of Papua

The central government also shows its seriousness by paying special attention to Papua in overcoming challenges such as stunting through health promotion and sustainable programs. This appreciation for efforts to improve the quality of human resources, especially in facing social challenges such as stunting, shows a shared commitment to changing the development paradigm in Papua.

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK) Muhadjir Effendy said that the intelligent potential of young Papuans must be maximally empowered by regional governments to be involved in developing their region. It is believed that empowering the young generation of Papua can be a driver of development for the progress of Papua. Bearing in mind, there are many Papuan sons who graduated from well-known universities in Indonesia who have great potential to be actively involved in the development of the region.

Acting South Papua Governor Apolo Safanpo said that his party welcomed the efforts that the central government continues to make to encourage the development of the Papua region. Apolo admitted that Papua needed acceleration in carrying out development because of slow growth in many aspects.

As is known, the Human Development Index (HDI) for Papua and West Papua is still the lowest in Indonesia. However, the government has stipulated Presidential Regulation Number 24 of 2023 which contains the Master Plan for the Acceleration of Papuan Development in 2022-2041. The regulation contains a vision for the realization of an independent, just and prosperous Papua which includes three major missions to be achieved, namely Healthy Papua, Smart Papua and Productive Papua.

In facing the vision of Advanced Indonesia 2045, the role of Papua’s young generation is becoming increasingly important. Careful preparation is needed to improve their quality and competitiveness, considering the great potential that Papua has in producing future leaders. They must realize how important their role is in shaping the nation’s future. Even though they don’t have as much experience as previous generations, Papua’s young generation is filled with extraordinary future potential.

Acting Mayor of Jayapura Frans Pekey invited the younger generation to use their time to develop skills in various fields to support sustainable development in Papua. The younger generation is expected to be able to gain knowledge as well as possible but also focus on developing creativity for the benefit of themselves and many people. In this way, it will be very beneficial for families and the wider community, especially in supporting development in Papua. In fact, Papua Development is a long-term investment for a sustainable future.

By prioritizing Papua in national infrastructure development, it will prepare the community for a better future. Papua’s development in recent times has also accommodated community interests, the impact of which has been to reduce distance and time for community mobility.

The government has taken concrete steps to support improving the quality of young human resources, including in Papua. By empowering youth in key sectors, such as agriculture, the government provides concrete evidence of its commitment to facing the challenges faced by Papua’s young generation. The quality of young human resources in Papua will be an important determinant of the future of this nation. As an inseparable part of Indonesia, the contribution of Papuan youth in building the country’s future is an obligation that cannot be ignored.

Developing Papua is not only about physical infrastructure, but also about human development. Therefore, empowering Papua’s young generation and improving the quality of their human resources is a long-term investment for a better future for Papua and Indonesia as a whole. With joint commitment and synergy between government, society and the private sector, Papua will become a driving force for positive change that will bring prosperity to the entire country.

)* The author is a student from Papua in Surabaya

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