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PDIP IV National Working Meeting Invites Millennial Generation to Care About Food Sovereignty


Jakarta – Secretary General of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Hasto Kristiyanto emphasized the importance of food for the life of the nation. This is also the focus of the IV PDIP National Working Meeting (Rakernas) which will be held from 29 September to 1 October 2023.

The IV PDIP National Working Meeting itself raised the theme “Food Sovereignty for People’s Welfare”. This theme shows that PDIP is a party that has a narrative about the future, not just managing the presidential candidacy alone.

“Because Bung Karno’s goal of building a sovereign Indonesia in the food sector was very boldly laid down, that food is a matter of life and death for the country,” said Hasto.

Apart from that, Hasto said that the General Chair of PDIP, Megawati Soekarnoputri, also continues to convey the message that Indonesian society can be just and prosperous through food.

Previously, in the discussion activity “Millennial Farmers: Innovation and Creation Towards Modern Sustainable Agriculture” which was part of the PDIP IV Pre-Rakernas series, millennial farmers assessed that PDIP was a political party that was very committed to advancing the agricultural sector. To make the agricultural sector more fully developed, millennial farmers are also encouraging PDIP to be able to become a motor that collaborates with all related parties.

At this activity, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Millennial Farmer Ambassador from Magelang Regency, Rayndra Syahdan Mahmudin, said that this legislative function is very central in developing Indonesia’s agricultural sector. According to him, the role of PDIP is also very visible among farmers, especially in Magelang.

“Now it has received a lot of attention from Ms. Vita Ervina (Member of the DPR RI from the PDIP faction), and even our regent, Mr. Zaenal Arifin, has even created a millennial consultant in the field of farmers. “I have also seen friends in PDIP, especially Commission IV when they go to the field, the assistance given is very large.” Rayndra explained.

However, Rayndra suggested that a team of agricultural experts should also be provided, so that the assistance provided to the community would be more targeted. On the other hand, Rayndra also encouraged PDIP to become a motor that unites all related parties in the agricultural sector.

Meanwhile, horticultural farmer Sandi believes that Indonesia’s future depends on the availability and sufficiency of domestic food. Therefore, it is important for PDIP to create a climate that can produce many millennial farmers. According to Sandi, the current government has provided enough space for young farmers.

“This is what we hope the PDIP Fraction will be able to collaborate with millennial farmers. “Let’s work together to advance advanced, independent and modern Indonesian agriculture,” said Sandi.

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