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Prevent Abstentions, Young Voters Must Be Active in the 2024 Election


Mahfud MD, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, issued a call to students to take advantage of their right to vote in the 2024 Election. Through a public lecture on Defending the Nation at Bung Hatta University (UBH), Mahfud emphasized that participating in elections is a real form of the spirit of defense country, with the aim of electing a leader together.

In his presentation, Mahfud encouraged students to be actively involved in elections as a responsibility as citizens who have a role in building the nation’s future. He emphasized that the selection of leaders is not to choose the great ones, but to minimize the chances of leaders who are not ideal.

On the other hand, the Chair of the MUI for Da’wah and Ukhuwah, KH M Cholil Nafis, stated that abstaining from voting or not exercising the right to vote in the 2024 elections is considered haram based on the MUI fatwa. Cholil emphasized that abstention is equivalent to irresponsibility for the sustainability of the country, in accordance with the fatwa of Ijtima Ulama II throughout Indonesia in 2009.

Cholil urged the public to choose one of the three presidential and vice presidential candidates, considering the importance of leadership to maintain the stability and sustainability of the country. He emphasized that Indonesia without a president could have worse impacts than having a leader who is not ideal.

The younger generation, which currently accounts for around 33.6 percent of the total number of voters, has a strategic role in the 2024 elections. In order to create safe and peaceful elections, there needs to be active participation from the younger generation. With a large number of young voters, they have the potential to become agents of change in maintaining the integrity and sustainability of the democratic process.

Herwyn JH Malonda, member of Bawaslu, stated that the role of the younger generation is not only limited to voting, but also involves them in creating elections that are legitimate and have integrity. They can correct the quality of public services and election management institutions.

As the stages of the 2024 Simultaneous Election progress, obstacles and threats that may arise need to be anticipated to ensure the election runs safely and peacefully. The younger generation must be at the forefront in campaigning for public awareness of the importance of maintaining the security and order situation ahead of the elections.

Panji Suminar, political expert and academic at Bengkulu University, emphasized that the younger generation has great potential in determining the direction and flow of political development. They, as the largest population in the online world, have a huge influence in creating currents that can change policy.

The active role of the younger generation in the 2024 Election is not only as voters, but also as campaign volunteers, writers and political activists who play a role in using social media and information technology. By inviting the younger generation to help mobilize support and convey positive messages, it is hoped that the 2024 elections can run safely and peacefully.

In facing the 2024 General Election, public awareness and vigilance needs to be increased considering the potential for provocation that could disrupt the course of the election. The younger generation is expected to play an important role in peaceful election campaigns and support the integrity of the democratic process.

Hendra Hariyanto, Chair of the West Lombok KNPI, emphasized that the success of the elections is a shared responsibility. Youth must continue to actively voice positive narratives about the elections, participate as volunteers, and socialize the stages of the elections to ensure that the elections run smoothly.

In this context, Hendra Hariyanto invites the younger generation to not only be active in voting, but also in voicing positive narratives about the elections. Youth are expected to continue to campaign for the importance of maintaining the democratic process so that it runs safely and conducively. They were also reminded to be active in socializing the stages of the election to provide wider understanding to the public.

Youth as agents of change must also make a positive contribution to aspects of democracy. With their involvement, it is hoped that the elections will not only take place as an administrative routine, but as a moment to strengthen the foundations of the nation and state.

By actively involving the younger generation, it is hoped that the 2024 Election will not only run as a routine, but also as a momentum to shape a political future that is more inclusive and has a positive impact on all levels of society.

Through the role of the younger generation in elections, we can create a political system that is more transparent, accountable and responsive to community needs. Youth as the backbone of the nation have a responsibility to bring positive change to the dynamics of Indonesian politics.

With active involvement and a deep understanding of the importance of participation in the 2024 elections, the younger generation can play a key role in maintaining the integrity and health of democracy. Preventive steps and their role in campaigning for clean, safe and peaceful elections will help create a political climate that is conducive to various people’s aspirations.

Thus, efforts to prevent abstention can be successful through collaboration between all elements of society, especially the younger generation. Elections marked by their active participation will have a positive impact in building a brighter and more competitive political future.

Through the spirit of defending the country and the obligations as citizens that are firmly held by the younger generation, we can together create a better future for Indonesian democracy.

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