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Preventing Money Politics in the 2024 Election, Bawaslu: Community Activeness Required


Jakarta — RI Bawaslu member Herwyn JH Malonda outlined several strategic issues and also how the problems are in supervising the implementation of the upcoming 2024 election stages.

To be able to prevent these various problems, according to him, supervision and community involvement are very necessary.

One of the things that is highlighted is in the campaign stage, namely when there are candidates who use state facilities and also use money politics.

“Campaigns with potential problems include installing APKs (campaign props) that do not comply with the provisions, use of state facilities and involvement of ASN (state civil servants), campaigns with money politics, and campaigns that are not on schedule and donations,” said Herwyn.

Related to funding, there are also other problems, namely when campaign funds do not comply with procedures, there are donations that exceed the limit and there is a mismatch between funds and activities.

With various problems, Herwyn then stated that the Bawaslu would continue to exercise control over the election in accordance with the law.

“In the provisions of the Election Law Number 2017, the ‘core’ business is supervision in two ways, namely inherent supervision and participatory supervision originating from the community,” he said.

He then stated that Bawaslu could not stand alone and really needed the activity of the community as well.

“Bawaslu cannot stand alone because it needs active participation from the people who are not only present at the time of voting, but also guard their voices until the final recapitulation,” said the Master of Law at Wijaya Putra University in Surabaya.

Meanwhile, on another occasion, former Bawaslu chairman Abhan said that prevention of money politics cannot only rely on election organizers. But society also has to be firm.

For him, the people can firmly do two things, namely rejecting their money and not electing a candidate for a leader who engages in money politics.

“Don’t accept the money, then reject the person, meaning reject both. Choose clean ones, said Abhan.

Although it is not easy, according to Abhan money politics must be prevented because it will later become the root of many other problems.

Some of them are like how there was a case of corruption and OTT from the Regional Head, which started from the process of money politics.

“We see, hear, many OTT regional heads, for example. This will start from a political process that has high costs and then there is transactional politics,” he said.

Therefore, in order to avoid many problems, according to the former Bawaslu chairman, the public must firmly reject money politics in the upcoming 2024 elections.

“The choice must start from the public, must have the courage to campaign against money politics,” he said.

On the other hand, with the practice of money politics, of course the public must also be increasingly aware of the circulation of counterfeit money.

The chairman of the DPRD for Palangkaraya City, Central Kaliamantan, Sigit K Yunianto, said that if the public sees a group of people circulating counterfeit money, they can immediately report it to the police and take strict action.

“Arrest and hand over to the police station if the community succeeds in securing the perpetrators of counterfeit money circulation. It should be handed over to the police so that the perpetrators of spreading counterfeit money will receive their rewards according to the laws in force in this country,” he said.

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