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Preventing Radicalism and Intolerance Ahead of the 2024 Election


Ahead of the 2024 elections, the public must be aware of intolerance and radicalism that are starting to emerge, especially during the campaign period. To prevent its spread, the community must work together so that it can be prevented. Radicalism is a dangerous ideology because it can divide the nation. Therefore, the Indonesian people are asked to care and work together so that there is no spread of radicalism, which could prevent the success of the election.

Radicalism is a prohibited ideology in Indonesia because it can crack the foundations of the nation and state and has the potential to give rise to social conflict. Radical groups deliberately create hoaxes to divide society. Therefore, the government continues to eradicate radicalism so that it does not spread further and disrupt the social system in Indonesia.

However, ahead of the 2024 election, radicalism and intolerance are starting to spread, because they were deliberately spread by terrorist groups. They spread the issue of radicalism because they don’t like government programs, including elections. It is hoped that by the spread of radicalism, people will be influenced and will not take part in the election procession. Therefore, intolerance and radicalism must be prevented so that the 2024 elections are successful.

Vice President (Wapres) KH Ma’ruf Amin stated that the radicalism movement will have the potential to grow ahead of the 2024 elections. Prevent misuse of social media so that it does not become a fertile ground for intolerant narratives and hate speech. The community is expected to strengthen collaboration through a multi-stakeholder approach. An effective step to counter terrorism is in congregation.

The Vice President added that the government has a National Action Plan as a guide for collaborative work. Continue counter-radicalization steps to prevent the development of radicalism and also de-radicalization to return those who have been exposed by collaborating with all ministries and institutions.

Therefore, there is a need for mutual cooperation in preventing the spread of radicalism and intolerance in Indonesia. As the saying goes ‘united we stand, divided we fall’, cooperation will be very effective in preventing the spread of radicalism in this country.

An example of mutual cooperation in countering radicalism and intolerance is by paying attention to your surroundings and reporting any suspicious movements directly to the security forces. Apart from that, when there is radical content on social media, it can be immediately reported to the cyber police for further action.

Then, radicalism and intolerance can be overcome by using smart social media. The public is asked to remain calm and not be influenced by provocations in radical content. Don’t easily believe news, especially what is only shared on the internet, because it could be a hoax that was deliberately created and spread by radical groups.

Member of the Lampung Province DPRD, Ade Utami Ibnu, stated that his party wants changes in daily life that are much better. Moreover, in preparing for the democratic party every 5 years to elect national leadership peacefully, don’t use radical methods. Therefore, the public is urged to overcome and prevent radicalism so that it does not disrupt the 2024 election process.

The potential for the emergence of radical groups ahead of the 2024 elections will still exist. Something to watch out for in the parliamentary succession and national leadership in 2024 is the emergence of identity politics, which can trigger understanding and movements of radicalism-terrorism. Radical and terrorist groups will take advantage of the momentum of the General Election and Presidential Election to play up religious issues, with the aim being that people are provoked and influenced by false information or hoaxes on social media.

The election has the potential to be used by radical and terrorist groups to spread hoaxes and propaganda with the aim of showing people’s distrust of the government. They use social media because they understand that Indonesians access the internet very often.

Radical groups also provoke people to hate government regulations, including elections. If this happens it could trigger riots in Indonesia. Therefore, the public is obliged to prevent the spread of radicalism which disrupts the campaign period up to the presidential and legislative candidate election phase.

The active role and productivity of all elements of society is needed in carrying out glorification. The rapid development of information technology on social media has the potential to trigger irresponsible parties to spread ideas that are not in accordance with the philosophy of the Indonesian state.

Radicalism must be prevented because if it continues to spread, it will disrupt the election procession and increase the level of abstainers (white groups) in Indonesia. If this understanding is spread, there will be many people who are skeptical about the election and will be reluctant to vote. Even though abstention is dangerous because it can hurt democracy in Indonesia. Therefore, the community works together to prevent the spread of radicalism.

The spread of radicalism is often found on social media. The public is asked to be aware of it, and work together in preventing it. If there is radical content, it can be reported to the cyber police so that the case is investigated, then the content can be deleted so that it does not poison the minds of Indonesian netizens. Radicalism must also be eradicated so that there is no potential for thwarting of the 2024 elections by terrorist groups.

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