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Realize Peaceful Elections Without Politicizing Religion


The 2024 General Election (Pemilu) is approaching, and in approaching this important moment, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has issued a very relevant and important appeal for all parties involved to pay attention to. MUI Chairman for Fatwa, Asrorun Niam Sholeh, firmly stated that the use of religion as a joke must be avoided in political contestation.

This message is not just advice, but a call to maintain purity and respect for religious values ​​in all aspects of life, including in the political realm. Asrorun firmly emphasized the importance of being careful in maintaining matters of worship, warning not to use worship as a subject for jokes that could result in insults.

The message is not only limited to using religion as a joke, but also reflects the need to avoid any behavior that can lower dignity or offend religious values, ethnicity and other aspects.

In this regard, it is important for every individual to understand that every utterance, especially in public spaces, must be conveyed with great care. We all have a responsibility not to make jokes that can undermine the dignity of religion, ethnicity or worship.

Asrorun reminded that as Muslim citizens who have voting rights, the use of these rights must be carried out with full responsibility. In the context of selecting leaders, Asrorun stated that selecting leaders who meet ideal criteria is a task that must be carried out by every Muslim. These criteria are in accordance with the provisions of the Ijtima Ulama of the Indonesian Fatwa Commission in 2009, where leaders who are faithful, devout, honest, trustworthy, active, aspirational and have the ability are very important criteria.

Apart from the appeal from the MUI, the role of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) is also in the spotlight in maintaining neutrality in the 2024 elections. The Head of the East Lampung Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) Office, Indrajaya, expressed an invitation to maintain neutrality in the upcoming election process. He emphasized the importance of the Ministry of Religion remaining neutral and distancing itself from all forms of using religion for momentary political interests.

As an institution that is home to various religious beliefs, this year’s Charity Bhakti Day (HAB) is focused on strengthening the positive reputation of the Ministry of Religion in providing services and contributions to Indonesian society, especially in the East Lampung region. Indrajaya emphasized this firmly.

Indrajaya also highlighted the importance of maintaining neutrality to the ASN of the Ministry of Religion and East Timor, where differences should not be an obstacle to making a contribution to advancing the nation. In fact, contributions from various religions are highly expected in efforts to advance the region, especially in East Lampung.

Apart from that, the importance of introducing service innovations and achievements of the Ministry of Religion to the community is the focus of the 78th HAB of the Ministry of Religion. This is an important step to increase public understanding and appreciation of the role of the Ministry of Religion in providing better services.

In celebrating the 78th HAB, we are all invited to better understand that maintaining neutrality, respecting religious values, and making a positive contribution to the progress of the nation is a shared responsibility.

Every individual, regardless of religious and professional background, has an important role in realizing fair elections, without discrimination, and upholding human values. Thus, let us together maintain order, respect differences, and carry out elections with full responsibility for the sake of a better future for the nation and state.

Elections are not just an event for democratic celebrations, but are also a reflection of Indonesia’s unity and diversity. Through awareness of the importance of maintaining balance, respecting religious values, and understanding shared responsibility, we can build a better future for future generations.

General elections are a democratic stage where every vote has great potential in determining the direction of the nation. Therefore, maintaining interfaith harmony and viewing diversity as wealth is a shared commitment in carving out a better future for Indonesia.

Choosing wisely, based on ideal leadership values, and keeping politics away from religion are important steps to realize fair and inclusive elections. Let’s work together to maintain harmony, respect differences, and choose intelligently to create a better future for future generations.

Elections as a forum for elections without religious discrimination are a call to unite in maintaining justice, respecting diversity, and choosing intelligently for the progress of an inclusive and dignified Indonesian nation.

In the journey of democracy, let us unite our steps, maintain unity and uphold the spirit of diversity within the framework of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia. With that, we can realize peaceful, fair elections and respect each other as part of a civilized and just civilization. Let’s raise collective awareness in maintaining diversity, and carry out our rights and obligations as citizens to realize quality elections, without discrimination, and respect each other.

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