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Respect the Election Results, All Parties Need to Maintain Conduciveness


The 2024 General Election (Pemilu) was held on February 14 2024 with 3 presidential and vice presidential candidates and legislative candidates at the central and regional levels. The biggest democratic party was truly welcomed enthusiastically by all Indonesian people. People flocked to the polling stations to cast their vote in order to produce the best and most qualified leaders. The euphoria of the 2024 Election will not only be held on the D-Day, but also after the election agenda. This momentum is also an important part of respecting the election results while maintaining conduciveness.

Elections are a form of popular sovereignty. The final results of the election show that the people are truly sovereign in choosing their leaders. This people’s sovereignty must be respected with full responsibility. There is no need for any more feuds. Those who win should carry out their mandate by embracing all components of the nation.

Director General of Information and Public Communication (IKP) of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Usman Kansong, said that holding safe and conducive elections is the responsibility of all parties to maintain Indonesia’s name as a democratic country.

Differences in views during the political year cannot be denied as a consequence of a democratic country. Therefore, Usman reminded that the security and integrity of the nation remains the main thing so that the democratic party can run smoothly, safely and in an orderly manner.

Meanwhile, the General Chair of the Indonesian Ulema Council of Lampung Province, Prof. Moh Mukri, invited all elements of the nation to become agents of peace at the democratic election celebration.

Efforts to realize this coolness can be done by respecting each other’s differences in choices and not exaggerating in praising their choices and hating those that are not their choices.

Prof. Moh Mukri explained that you should love and hate naturally. Because no one knows the journey ahead of us. It could be that what is revered now, tomorrow will be opposite to us. On the contrary, those who are opposites now, tomorrow will become our friends.

The Youth Chair of the Cut Meutia Mosque, Muhammad Pradana Indraputra also invited all Indonesian people to make the 2024 Election a peaceful election. Anyone elected in the elections held on February 14 2024 must be respected.

He is optimistic that the 2024 presidential election must run honestly and fairly (jurdil) considering that Indonesian society has become more mature after experiencing several election agendas. Even after the election, there was no longer any struggle or hostility between communities. With the hope that Indonesia will be peaceful and peaceful in welcoming a cheerful future.

In a different place, the caretaker of the Zainul Hasan Genggong Islamic Boarding School, Gus dr. Mohammad Haris invites all people, East Java, especially Probolinggo to maintain peace and conduciveness during the 2024 elections so that the elections run smoothly and peacefully.

Gus Haris advised everyone to respect other people’s choices, avoid any actions that could disrupt security, order and mutual peace. This is not only the responsibility of the security forces, but also the responsibility of each person.

Of course, this invitation is not only a moral appeal, but also a reminder of the importance of maintaining healthy and constructive democratic values.

In every democratic process, the final decision taken by the people is a reflection of the collective will which must be respected together with full respect. Therefore, all Indonesian people are obliged to respect the election results wisely. Because whether they like it or not, the selected election participants will lead Indonesia in the next five years. Both at the executive and legislative levels from central to regional levels have been elected based on the majority of votes. 

Don’t let it happen that because it doesn’t match your choice during the election, we reject or even take action that is against the law against the elected candidates. Political elites or national figures must also maintain a calm atmosphere, not make the atmosphere even more murky. 

We also must not get caught up in ego games or personal ambitions in the context of the 2024 elections. This is the time to put the interests of the nation above all else, regardless of political color or the interests of certain groups. The people’s decision regarding the election results must be respected with full awareness and loyalty, without exception.

As a large, civilized nation, conflict and riots are not the identity of the Indonesian nation. Anarchism in any form needs to be avoided. Maintaining national unity and unity is a principle that must be adhered to firmly. Because, above all political competition, there is still the main brotherhood of fellow countrymen. Through an increasingly advanced spirit of democracy and an increasingly mature society, peace will be prioritized and respect for the election results. 

Now is the time for us to join hands to unite our strengths to build this nation together to continue national leadership. Let’s maintain unity and unity, and continue to strive to create a better future for future generations. With a strong determination, having a democratic party through elections, whatever the outcome, we will form a strong foundation to face challenges, realize shared dreams, and achieve sustainable progress. This is the time to build a positive legacy for the future, safeguard national values, and embrace a shared vision towards inclusive progress and prosperity.

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