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Responding Whatever the Election Results, the Community Must Show Democratic Maturity


By: David Kiva Prambudi )*

Society and all elements of the Indonesian nation must show an attitude of maturity in upholding the principles and values ​​of democracy in the country, namely by accepting whatever the final result of the dispute is and who will be the winner in the 2024 General Election (Pemilu).The attitude to accept whatever and whatever the final result at the democratic party and political contestation in the election event is clearly something that must be done by the entire community.Because when the public is able to show an attitude of accepting with grace whatever the final decision is, including the outcome of an election dispute at the Constitutional Court (MK), then they also represent that this nation has succeeded in implementing the principles of mature democracy.Former Chancellor of the State Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada believes that society and the democratic system in the country have become more mature so far. This is proven by the very high level of political participation at the community level.Not only that, but the maturity of democracy in Indonesia is also marked by the successful implementation of General Elections (Pemilu) which were able to run safely, honestly and fairly.Therefore, with a good situation of democratic maturity in Indonesia, all parties should be able to continue to support and maintain it, including parties in the education sector such as campuses or universities.Campuses and universities should continue to uphold moderate, tolerant, pluralist and harmonious principles as part of educating the nation’s next generation, namely students who will also be involved directly in society. Everyone has an obligation to be able to work together to keep democracy mature.As good citizens, society should continue to uphold the principles of democracy and peace in this country and eliminate everything that could possibly tarnish and disrupt or damage the democratic system itself.Working together to maintain purity and order in society, avoiding negative actions in any form and accepting whatever has become the final decision regarding who will be the winner in the 2024 elections are several examples of upholding democratic maturity.All elements of society, supporters or camps of presidential and vice presidential candidates (capres-cawapres) and even political parties (political parties) are expected to continue to be able to show maturity by maintaining conditions of peace and an attitude of being able to accept gracefully whatever is the decision in the election dispute hearing at the Constitutional Court. .Director of the Indonesian Democracy and Electoral Empowerment Partnership (DEEP), Neni Nur Hayati, said that all parties must act very wisely and maturely to accept whatever final decision the Constitutional Court makes.It is not enough if it is only from the community, but all contestants who are also involved in the 2024 political contestation should have a noble spirit to be able to maintain togetherness, tolerance and have a big heart for each other.With recent advances in the information, technology and communication sectors, society should be much smarter because access to information about anything is very easy to obtain, so it is hoped that this will correlate with the mature and responsible attitude of society to continue to maintain the democratic climate in Indonesia.Even so, developments in technology, information and communication can still be a double-edged sword so that the public must continue to be alert to the possibility of spreading fake news or hoaxes and intimidation in any form, especially regarding news related to election disputes at the Constitutional Court.On the other hand, all political actors, including the government, should be able to prioritize good exemplary attitudes so that they can become examples that can be imitated by society regarding how to uphold maturity in democracy.All parties should not spread slander, nor convey hate speech in any form, let alone spread false information or hoax news which has the potential to provoke other people and further discredit one candidate and another.Meanwhile, Deputy Chair of the People’s Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI), Prof. Dr. Ir. Fadel Muhammad also asked the entire community to act maturely towards whatever and whatever the final outcome of the election dispute at the Constitutional Court.Everything must be addressed maturely so that the political contestation in Indonesia can end peacefully and there will no longer be any fuss so that the economic conditions in the country can improve, because in fact any commotion will only cause a lot of losses to all parties as well.In responding to whatever and however the final results are determined at the General Election dispute hearing at the Constitutional Court (MK), all elements of society must show an attitude of maturity in upholding the principles of democracy in the country.)* Contributor to the Yudistira Institute

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