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Security Apparatus Committed to Maintaining the Safety of the Papuan People and Respecting Human Rights


By : Ester Wambrau )*

The security forces are strongly committed to continuing to maintain the safety of all Papuan people while still respecting Human Rights (HAM), including by taking firm action against all violations committed by individual members of the military who violate the rules or SOPs as a form of high integrity.This is related to a video that recently went viral on social media showing members of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) soldiers suspected of committing acts of abuse against the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) while asking for information.Upon learning of this news, the Head of the Indonesian Army Information Service (Kadispenad), Brigadier General (Brigjen) Kristomei Sianturi said that the Chief of Army Staff (KSAD) General Maruli Simanjuntak had ordered the Army Military Police (Pomad) and Pomdam Siliwangi to investigate the case.So far, in the investigation process carried out, 42 members have been questioned and 13 of them will be named as suspects because they have been indicated to have committed acts of violence.As clear evidence of the TNI’s firm action against individual soldiers who violate the rules, the Commander of the XVII/Cenderawasih Dam, Major General (Mayjen) Izak Pangemanan has ordered that the soldiers who will be designated as suspects be temporarily detained by the Siliwangi Military Command with tight security or using maximum security installations. .TNI Affirms That It Never Teaches Violence and Equips Soldiers with Humanist SOPs.On the other hand, responding to the case of alleged abuse involving TNI AD soldiers, Kadispenad Brigadier General Kristomei Sianturi admitted that he deeply regretted this and emphasized that the violence was an act of violation of the law .Furthermore, the TNI AD itself has never taught or condoned any kind of violent acts by its soldiers, even in the context of asking for information, even this from KST Papua, which has continued to act very barbarically.Therefore, abuse carried out by unscrupulous soldiers constitutes a violation of the law and will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, the TNI AD has provided all its soldiers with SOPs, rules of engagement and humanitarian law in order to carry out operational tasks in the field.Meanwhile, the Commander of the Regional Military Command (PangdamIntelligence, Defense and Security Observer, Ngasiman Djoyonegoto alias Simon highly appreciates the strong commitment of the security forces including the TNI to continue to maintain the safety of citizens throughout Indonesia and even remote areas in Papua.He said that so far the community has often been faced with a difficult dilemma. big enough to respond to non-state actors such as the behavior of KST Papua because there is a lack of clarity regarding their responsibility for every incident they cause.Of course, as a society, it should not be easy to fall for the provocations and hoax propaganda spread by the Bumi Cenderawasih separatist gang via social media. .The public should be able to see or capture events involving KST Papua not independently or independently, but also to see what a series of incidents that have occurred before are like so that they can see them in a much more complete way.The dilemma that occurs in relation to KST Papua is their many brutal and barbaric actions, in fact during 2023 alone they have killed as many as 61 people, of which 26 people are members of the TNI, 3 other people are members of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri0 and 32 people the rest were civilians.Not only did they kill people, but the separatist gangs also damaged various public facilities such as health centers and schools which are the main facilities supporting community activities in Papua.Including, KST Papua has been involved in many rape cases. So if that is the case , then the dilemma is who will be held responsible for all these atrocities?Therefore, the security forces have a very strong commitment to continuing to maintain the safety of all people in Indonesia, including in Papua, where the safety of citizens is a shared responsibility. Thesecurity forces include those in including all members of the TNI, Polri and BIN, apart from maintaining the safety of citizens, they also continue to provide the best service to the entire community amidst the KST Papua atrocities.In the midst of the cruelty of groups that are contrary to the nation’s ideology with their many brutal and inhumane acts such as burning down schools, health centers and killing residents, security forces continue to strive to protect and maintain the conduciveness of the Bumi Cenderawasih area, even by taking time for community service. Strict legal action against guilty members is proof of the integrity of the security forces.)* Papuan Students Live in Jakarta

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