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Security Forces Continue to Be Committed to Eradicating KST in Papua


On December 15 2023, a tragic incident occurred in South Aifat District, Maybrat Regency, Southwest Papua. The Papuan Separatist Group (KST) shot at Indonesian National Army (TNI) soldiers serving at the Yonif 133/YS Task Force Post on the Sori Campus. The soldier who was the victim, Private Yuda Bagus Kara, suffered injuries from gunfire and was immediately evacuated to Teminabuan Hospital, South Sorong Regency for medical treatment.

The Commander of Kodam XVIII/Kasuari, Major General TNI Ilyas Alamsyah Harahap, said that his party was intensively pursuing the perpetrators of the shooting. Security positions deemed less effective have been relocated to minimize threats to soldiers serving in the area. This is an effort to ensure security and stability in Maybrat Regency after the shooting incident.

Even though Maybrat experienced security turmoil, the Military Commander emphasized that his condition was being handled well, and one soldier who was a shooting victim was already in the recovery stage. The medical team managed to remove the bullet from the soldier’s left shoulder, giving hope that the victim will make a full recovery soon.

It is important to note that increasing patrols by the TNI in Maybrat is a strategic step to ensure security and respond quickly to any potential threats. Head of Information for the Kasuari XVIII Military Command, Colonel Inf Syawaluddin Abuhasan, explained that shooting at the Yonif 133/YS Task Force Post occurred five times, showing the level of courage and instability faced by security forces in the area.

The Military Commander also highlighted the policy of relocating security posts as a more efficient response than adding personnel. By relocating the posts to locations deemed more appropriate, it is hoped that security in Maybrat can be strengthened without the need to increase the burden on personnel. This reflects the commitment of the security forces to remain effective and efficient in maintaining security in conflict-prone areas.

The Commander of Kodam XVIII/Kasuari stated that the situation in Maybrat Regency had returned to being conducive, but the pursuit of the Papuan KST perpetrators was still ongoing. This shows the security forces’ firmness in responding to armed criminal acts that could threaten security and order in West Papua.

With various efforts made by the TNI, including active pursuit and increased patrols, it is hoped that the Papuan KST perpetrators can be immediately arrested and tried in accordance with applicable law.

The Indonesian government, under the leadership of President Joko Widodo, has demonstrated its commitment to responding to problems in Papua holistically. One of the main focuses is dealing with threats originating from KSTP. Concrete steps have been taken to address the root of the problem and improve the welfare of the Papuan people.

The government openly states that resolving the conflict in Papua does not only take a military approach, but also involves development and community empowerment efforts. Development, education and welfare programs have been implemented to respond to the demands of the Papuan people and create a climate conducive to dialogue and reconciliation.

Even though the commitment of the security forces is very necessary, handling the conflict in Papua also faces a number of challenges. The complexity of conflict, polarization of society, and the existence of ethnic, religious, racial and inter-group (SARA) issues are obstacles that need to be overcome.

Apart from that, protection of human rights and fair law enforcement need to be prioritized so that conflict management does not have a negative impact on civil society.

The security forces’ commitment also needs to be supported by active community participation. Education about the importance of peace, inter-tribal tolerance and shared prosperity can help reduce tensions in Papua. The government, together with the security forces, needs to establish an open dialogue with various elements of society to find joint, sustainable solutions.

Papuan Religious Figure, Rev. Dr. Yones Wenda, S.Th., M.Th., as Secretary of the Synod of the Indonesian Masehi Kingmi Gospel Tabernacle Church in Papua, appreciated the TNI-Polri, Peace Ops Task Force-2023 for securing the situation in Papua throughout 2023 from the KST Papua Action which has always disturbed security stability in Papua so far.

He hopes that in 2024, the Cartenz Peace Ops Task Force, in carrying out its duties given by Allah as His representative on this earth, can provide firm and measurable legal action against criminal groups in Papua who commit acts against the law so that they can be punished. in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

The commitment of the security forces in fighting KST Papua is the key to creating safe, stable and prosperous conditions for all Papuan people. Concrete steps, such as active pursuit, increased operational strength, and security post relocation policies, show determination to eradicate emerging threats.

However, handling the conflict in Papua is not only the responsibility of the security forces. There needs to be synergy between military, development and reconciliation efforts to achieve sustainable peace. Community support, open dialogue and the fulfillment of human rights are also key in reducing tensions and building a peaceful and prosperous Papua.

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