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Security Forces Maximize Release of Susi Air Pilot from KST Papua


The government and security forces continue to use various methods to free Susi Air Pilot, Philip Mark Marthens, who is currently still being held hostage by the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). Not only that, the liberation efforts were also carried out with great care so as not to cause casualties. 

Philip Mark Marthens, who was a victim of KST in Papua. KST leader Egianus Kogoya, openly conveyed his demands via social media, placing Philip’s life at stake in a game of politics and demands for separatism. 

In this context, describing Philip’s current condition circulating in a video, it is important to understand the complexity and impact that the KST threat can cause.

In the video recording, we see Philip sitting surrounded by fully armed KST members. His condition looked difficult, faced with dozens of long-barreled firearms aimed at him. The modest clothing he wore added to the impression of vulnerability in the midst of a real threat. 

His helplessness was clearly illustrated when the weapons were pointed at his head by KST members led by Egianus Kogoya. The threat was conveyed by KST to the Indonesian government, so that their demands would be considered in order to guarantee Philip’s safety.

Egianus Kogoya, the leader of KST, emphasized that if Indonesia is not willing to discuss the Papua issue, he will give a time limit of 2 months, and if these demands are not met, there will be firm action in the form of shooting. This threat is in the spotlight because it puts the life of a pilot, Philip, at stake in the political game and demand for separatism promoted by the KKB.

The complexity of the situation increased because KST not only placed threats to Philip’s safety, but also raised demands for Papuan independence and asked for support in the form of weapons supplies. They also encouraged New Zealand to put pressure on Indonesia to meet their demands. 

The two month deadline set by the KKB, namely January 20 2024, creates additional tension. Philip has been a hostage since February 7 2023, so the time limit is almost one year. The response from the public, especially from netizens, via various social media platforms shows concern and concern for Philip’s fate.

In facing this crisis, the Indonesian government continues to strive to provide a persuasive response. Chief of Presidential Staff (KSP) Moeldoko revealed that the government was intensively involved in communicating with traditional and religious leaders in Papua to support efforts to free Philip. The government is making careful calculations in its efforts to free Philip. 

The government does not only focus on security aspects, but also pays attention to the social and humanitarian impacts of every step it takes. This calculation reflects a desire to maintain Philip’s safety without causing greater harm to society.

The government is still committed to resolving this crisis with a persuasive approach. Although huge challenges lie ahead, the government wants to resolve this conflict in a way that not only involves military elements, but also brings support from traditional and religious communities in Papua.

Previously, the Papuan Church Council asked the OPM led by Egianus Kogoya to release Mark Philip Mehrtens. Papuan Church Council member Rev. Socratez Soryan Yoman has submitted an open letter to Egianus Kogoya to release the Susi Air pilot because Mark Philip Mehrtens will be psychologically disturbed.

As a country that has long been faced with the challenge of internal conflict, Indonesia has demonstrated a commitment to solving this problem with a holistic and sustainable approach. Empowering local communities, persuasive approaches and international support are effective instruments in resolving the conflict in Papua.

Security forces continue to make every effort to free the Susi Air pilot from KST Papua. It is hoped that the community can support these various steps so that the hostages can be immediately released and the rioting gangs can be eradicated from Bumi Cenderawasih.

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