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Security Forces Prepare Series of Latest Strategies to Face KST Papua


The security forces of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) have prepared a series of cutting-edge strategies in order to deal with the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) which continues to carry out various kinds of cruel and barbaric actions, often resulting in innocent civilians becoming victims.

The handling of separatist gangs in Bumi Cenderawasih continues to be a very serious concern for the security forces, one of which is the Commander of the Indonesian National Army (TNI), General Agus Subiyanto. He said that currently the handling approach taken by security forces when facing armed gangs is to apply a soft approach in the form of territorial operations.

Furthermore, related to the intended soft approach, the security forces will continue to carry out territorial operations to further support the acceleration of development in all corners of the country, especially in Indonesia’s easternmost province.

However, of course this soft approach is not the only strategy that has been prepared by the security forces. The reason is, the TNI Commander himself emphasized that his party had also prepared a series of other strategies when, for example, KST Papua itself completely ignored the soft approach that had been carried out by the security forces.

So, if it turns out that the terrorist gang in Bumi Cenderawasih cannot be handled properly if they apply a soft approach, then the security forces will immediately take their final action in the form of a hard approach.

However, it should be noted that the hard approach itself is a final step that will only be taken by the security forces if it turns out that the soft approach has failed to reduce various kinds of actions and barbarisms carried out by KST Papua.

In other words, if it turns out that the separatist gang completely ignored the soft approach and instead used weapons, of course the security forces themselves would never be afraid of all the threats and bullying carried out by the separatist and terrorist groups and would also fight them directly using weapons too.

Even though all scenarios and a series of up-to-date strategies have been prepared very carefully when dealing with KST Papua in various situations, of course the security forces themselves do not expect the use of weapons to occur.

In fact, Papua Province itself has been given a fairly high budget by the Central Government. However, it turns out to be very unfortunate that with this high budget, in fact social disparities between the people in Tanah Papua still exist.

After being investigated, it turns out that this cannot be separated from the many movements and various kinds of atrocities that KST Papua continues to intensify, all of which clearly hinder all of the government’s plans so far to focus on accelerating development and equitable development to overcome inequality. social and community throughout the country.

For this reason, with the presence of all joint soldiers from the security forces, including personnel from the Indonesian National Armed Forces and National Police (Polri), the aim is to continue to assist all programs that have been intensified by the government so far, all of which are clearly aimed at further improving the welfare of the community. on the Earth of Cenderawasih itself.

This is because all security forces from the joint personnel continue to be very strongly committed to establishing synergy and collaborating with all other agencies such as ministries or other related institutions for the smooth acceleration of development in the Land of Papua.

General Agus Subiyanto is also very responsive to the relevant Regional Government (Pemda) and other agencies, if for example he wants to carry out various kinds of programs or work, especially in areas that are considered to have potential and are very vulnerable to interference from KST Papua, so that all parties ask for security assistance. to joint personnel security forces such as the TNI and Polri, so that conditions can be secured and the security and social security situation can run in a very conducive manner.

He really highlighted and regretted the shooting incident carried out by a group of terror spreaders in Bumi Cenderawasih against workers who were carrying out the construction process, as happened to workers at the Community Health Center project some time ago.

So, it can be said that good collaboration from various parties cross-sectorally with joint security personnel will certainly help the entire process and smooth development in Papua.

Moreover, the security forces of the Republic of Indonesia themselves also have and have prepared a whole series of very up-to-date strategies to be able to face KST Papua even with various scenarios and the best approach that is firm and still measurable.

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