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Security Forces Ready to Monitor the Smoothness of the Election


The security apparatus is fully prepared to ensure the smooth running of the entire process and series of stages of the General Election (Pemilu) as well as the upcoming Christmas and New Year (Nataru) celebrations.

One of them is the Sumur Bandung Sector Police who are very ready to secure Nataru and will also provide supervision during the 2024 election campaign. All security is carried out through Operation Lilin Lodaya and currently, Operation Mantap Brata Lodaya 2023-2024 has been held.

Head of the Sumur Bandung Police, Police Commissioner M. Rustandi, revealed that his party had made very thorough preparations long ago. This has been done for a long time, because currently the situation is different compared to the previous year, namely regarding the security of Nataru and ahead of the General Election which is a democratic party every five years.

He also ensured that all his staff would make maximum efforts to provide security. Several steps in maximizing security are by continuing to utilize the potential of personnel in the jurisdiction, including members of the community service, including those from intelligence, criminal investigation and public relations, all of whom are ready to help.

Meanwhile, to create a situation of security and order in society (kamtibmas) in a conducive manner ahead of the elections and also the upcoming Christmas celebrations, the task force for security, safety, order and smoothness of traffic) Bima Police, West Nusa Tenggara Regional Police (NTB) is intensifying raids to create conditions (cipkon).

The main target of these raids is to check road users whether they are carrying explosives, guns, sharp weapons, drugs, alcohol and other crimes. This was done to support the realization of a conducive social security and social security situation ahead of the General Election, Presidential Election and Christmas celebrations.

Security was carried out not only on the streets, but security forces from the Central Lampung Police, Lampung Regional Police also carried out very strict guarding and security regarding the distribution of election logistics at the Central Lampung Regency KPU warehouse.

In this regard, the Chief of Central Lampung Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Andik Purnomo Sigit through the Head of the Operations Section (Kabag Ops) Kompol H.D Pandiangan said that the security was carried out to ensure security and smooth logistics of the general election from its journey to its destination. warehouse of the General Election Commission (KPU).

All ranks of Central Lampung themselves have a very strong commitment to ensuring the security and smoothness of every stage of the elections in the Central Lampung Regency area. It is hoped that by securing the election logistics that have been carried out, it will ensure smooth and successful running, and be able to create a safe and cool democratic atmosphere.

Monitoring the distribution of logistics for the 2024 Election was also carried out by the Banops Task Force through the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Polairud Sub-task Force which secured distribution even to the outermost islands in NTT Province, namely Rote Ndao Regency and Sabu Raijua Regency.

This security focuses on the smooth distribution process of all ballot papers to the outer islands. AKBP Gede Putra Yase revealed that the security measures he carried out were to ensure that all stages of ballot paper distribution could be carried out with maximum order and security.

The Banops Task Force itself, through the Polairud Subtask Force, is very intensively involved in maintaining all security in the election logistics distribution process. This is because the success of logistics distribution is also one of the main keys to the smooth running of all General Election implementation processes.

These security measures include very tight coordination with various other related agencies, including the KPU itself and other institutions. This aims to ensure that every stage of election logistics distribution can run according to schedule and take place safely.

All parties certainly have great hopes to be able to support the progress of all processes and stages of the General Election by creating a safe and conducive environment. Don’t let there be any obstacles, including the distribution of election logistics.

In order to guard the security of the entire election process as well as the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the security forces are working tirelessly and are ready to carry out the security guard process strictly. Ensuring a safe, peaceful and conducive election until Christmas is an effort that is highly hoped for by all elements of society in Indonesia.

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