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Security Forces Use Technology in Security Operations in Papua


Security operations in Papua are currently experiencing fundamental changes with the integration of technology as a crucial part in ensuring the success of field tasks. National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo highlighted the significance of the use of technology in this operation, especially in the context of differentiating between civilians and KST Papua.

Technology is not only considered a supporting tool, but also a key element in the TNI-Polri security operations strategy in Papua. National Police Chief Sigit emphasized that the use of technology is crucial for minimizing risks and dealing with complex threats in the field. The use of technology is not just an additional option, but is an integral part of the security forces’ efforts to maintain security and stability in the Papua region.

The importance of technology in security operations in Papua was also conveyed by TNI Commander General Agus Subianto. He highlighted the use of drones as a concrete example of the application of technology in patrol duties in the region. Drones are an effective tool for ensuring the security of the location you are going to, thereby minimizing risks for TNI-Polri personnel on duty in the field.

TNI Commander Agus Subianto said that with drone technology, the TNI no longer has to go into the interior up to 10 to 20 km from the squad point. Now all you have to do is use drones, and only if it’s safe to come to the place. Technology has opened up new opportunities to improve security without compromising personnel safety.

Apart from the use of drones, Agus Subianto also said that the TNI had optimized the use of drone technology by forming a special unit. This drone unit not only plays a role in security operations, but can also be used in natural disaster situations, such as searching for victims. This shows that technology is not only specific to security, but can also be applied in humanitarian contexts.

This statement by the National Police Chief and TNI Commander shows that the use of technology, especially drones, has had a positive impact in increasing the effectiveness of security operations in Papua. Technology enables security forces to obtain more accurate information, minimize risks in the field, and protect the rights of civilians.

Despite this, National Police Chief Sigit Prabowo emphasized that his party continues to prioritize diplomatic efforts in handling the conflict in Papua. The “soft approach” operational concept   involves a diplomatic approach to overseeing development programs in Papua. By improving community welfare and improving infrastructure, it is hoped that the potential for conflict in the area can be reduced.

The Papuan people have a very significant role in maintaining security and encouraging development in their region. Support and active participation from the community can create a conducive environment for implementing development programs and strengthening security. People who feel involved and appreciated will be more likely to cooperate with security forces and the government in maintaining order and creating stability.

When National Police Chief Sigit Prabowo spoke about security operations in Papua, he not only conveyed the importance of technology and law enforcement, but also emphasized diplomatic and development aspects. The “soft approach” which involves diplomacy and development programs aims to improve the welfare of the Papuan people. In this context, support from the community is the key to the successful implementation of these programs.

In a broader context, community participation can also create a climate of trust between the parties involved. Public trust in security forces and the government is the key to creating effective cooperation in maintaining security and realizing sustainable development in Papua.

In supporting efforts to create a safe situation in Papua, the community can also play a role in detecting and reporting suspicious activities. The active involvement of the community as partners in maintaining regional security can help security forces to respond more quickly and precisely to potential threats.

The importance of community support is also reflected in the government’s commitment to strengthening and improving the welfare of the Papuan people. Development that involves the participation and aspirations of local communities will be more sustainable and have a greater positive impact.

This statement by the National Police Chief and TNI Commander is in line with the government’s commitment to creating security and prosperity in Papua. Support from the community is expected to strengthen the government’s efforts to achieve this goal. The community is expected to be a partner in maintaining security and supporting development programs implemented by the government in Papua.

By utilizing technology and a balanced approach between military operations and diplomacy, it is hoped that Papua can become a safe, prosperous and fully integrated region within the Republic of Indonesia. Full support from security forces, military leaders, and active community participation are the main keys in achieving this goal. The continued application of technology, coupled with cooperation between the TNI and Polri, will be a strong foundation for overcoming security challenges in Papua holistically.

Thus, in an effort to create a safe situation in Papua, it is important for related parties, including security forces, government and society, to work together synergistically. Support and active participation from the Papuan people is a strong foundation in achieving the common goal, namely creating a Papua that is safe, prosperous and fully integrated into the Republic of Indonesia.

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