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Society is obliged to form unity so as not to be divided after the 2024 election


By : Maya Naura Lingga )*

After the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) which took place safely and peacefully, Indonesia is now entering a new phase, namely maintaining post-election social stability. After going through a long democratic process, where the people’s voice has been realized through elections, now is the time for all levels of society to unite in maintaining the unity and integrity of the nation.

The 2024 elections have passed, and one thing that must be prioritized now is how we can rebuild a sense of solidarity and togetherness after the differences of opinion that may have occurred during the election process. Head of NCS Operations for the National Police, Inspector General Asep Edi Suheri, invited all parties, without exception, to continue to maintain a conducive atmosphere so that the potential for post-election conflict can be minimized.

In his statement, Inspector General Asep emphasized that the current situation is still under control thanks to cooperation from all parties. However, it needs to be understood that maintaining conduciveness is not a task carried out only by security forces, but is also a shared responsibility of all elements of society. For this reason, Inspector General Asep invites every individual to take an active part in maintaining the unity and unity of the nation.

Not only that, Inspector General Asep also took advantage of the momentum of the holy month of Ramadan as an opportunity to strengthen ties of brotherhood among all Muslims in Indonesia. Ramadan is not only a time to worship, but also a moment to draw closer to each other and foster a strong sense of togetherness.

In an effort to support post-election social stability, the National Police also held social service activities aimed at providing benefits to the community. Inspector General Asep symbolically launched the distribution process of 5,000 basic food packages for the community in Sukabumi Regency and City, West Java. This marks Polri’s commitment to supporting community welfare and strengthening good relations between security forces and the people.

Also present at this activity were various elements, including Koorsahli Kapolri, Wakaops NCS Polri, as well as representatives of Forkopimda Regency/City of Sukabumi. This activity is clear evidence that maintaining unity and integrity is not only carried out through words, but also through real actions that can be felt by the entire community.

Apart from the efforts made by the security forces, the role of Bhabinkamtibmas is also very important in maintaining social conduciveness at the local level. One of them is Aipda Sidik, a Bhabinkamtibmas officer who works on Harapan Island, the jurisdiction of the Seribu Islands Police. In the cooling system sambang activity, Aipda Sidik gave an appeal to residents not to be divided after the 2024 elections.

During his visit, Aipda Sidik emphasized the importance of maintaining unity and unity among residents. He reminded every individual to respect other people’s political choices and not easily believe in unverified news, especially hoax news which can trigger tension and division in society.

Furthermore, Aipda Sidik emphasized the importance of maintaining security and social order to remain stable. He invited all components of society to work together to maintain security and order on Harapan Island, with the aim of creating a safe, peaceful and prosperous environment for all residents.

Similar efforts were also carried out by Aipda Masito on Untung Jawa Island, who took part in cooling system sambang activities in his area. On this occasion, Aipda Masito not only focused on maintaining physical security, but also gave an appeal to residents not to be divided after the 2024 elections.

Aipda Masito emphasized the importance of maintaining unity and integrity amidst differences in political choices. He reminded citizens to respect every choice made by fellow citizens, because this is very important in maintaining peace and social stability in society.

Apart from that, Aipda Masito also appealed to the public not to be easily influenced by hoax news circulating. In the digital era like now, the spread of false information or hoaxes can be a serious threat to social stability. Therefore, it is important for the public to always verify the veracity of information before distributing it.

With this cooling system sambang activity, it is hoped that awareness of the importance of unity and oneness can be increasingly instilled in society. Apart from that, it is also hoped that it can minimize the potential for conflict or friction after the 2024 elections.

Thus, efforts to maintain unity and integrity after the 2024 elections are not the responsibility of one party, but rather the collective responsibility of all elements of society. Synergy is needed between the government, security forces and society to maintain social stability.

In an effort to maintain unity and unity, let us together build awareness of the importance of respecting differences of opinion and avoiding the spread of fake news that can divide us as a nation.

By uniting, we are able to overcome all challenges and build a better future for future generations. In the holy month of Ramadan that has arrived, let’s make this moment a momentum to strengthen ties of brotherhood and national unity. May Indonesia remain united and strong, despite existing differences.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusantara Reading Room

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