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Society Must Maintain Order, Demonstrations for the 2024 Election will only Trigger Anarchist Action


All people in Indonesia must continue to be able to maintain order and security in their respective regions. Don’t be easily taken in by rumors and propaganda, especially fake news or hoaxes which may continue to be spread related to the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) and avoid provocations and demonstrations which will only trigger anarchist actions.

The Head of the Republic of Indonesia National Police (Kapolri) General Listyo Sigit Prabowo invited the entire community to continue to maintain order and appealed to all parties to be able to use the right channels in conveying forms of protest after the 2024 Election voting process was implemented.Regarding demonstrations themselves, in fact the constitution in force in Indonesia is not prohibited at all because this nation adheres to democratic principles so that everyone can freely express their opinion.However, there are important notes that must be known by all elements of the nation, especially by a small number of people who want to convey their aspirations through demonstrations.Of course, it cannot be denied that the implementation of the demonstration itself so far has the potential and is easy to lead to anarchism, which is actually counter-productive and increasingly endangers the surrounding environment, including the community itself and other people.Therefore, because it has more negative impacts, things like demonstrations should not be carried out. It would be much better if all parties were able to respect and appreciate whatever and whatever the final results of the implementation of the five-year political contestation in the country, which will later be determined legally and finally by the election organizers, namely the General Election Commission (KPU).Furthermore, the security forces also emphasized that they would clearly act immediately and very firmly against all forms of anarchist actions in any case or if there was a violation of the law, especially during the post-2024 election period like now.In fact, the security forces themselves have also made very thorough preparations even long ago in the face of the elections until they reached the point they are at now.Many efforts have been made, including one of which is the use of a cooling system which has been intensified long ago by inviting cooperation with all relevant stakeholders or stakeholders such as national figures, religious leaders, traditional leaders and local leaders.It is hoped that there will be good synergy between all parties so that together they will be able to safeguard whatever and however the results of the General Election (Pemilu) are and later when the final results have been determined by the KPU, of course all parties are obliged to respect them.On the other hand, usually from movements or demonstrations carried out by a handful of parties, of course it is very vulnerable to several other parties who then take advantage of it or even deliberately create riots within it with a number of riot provocations, thereby creating anarchic acts.Not only did they initiate clashes with security forces, but a number of irresponsible groups also damaged a number of public facilities such as motorbikes, fences, threw firecrackers and also carried out acts of vandalism or scribbled on the walls of government buildings.So it is clear that with the potential for chaos to lead to anarchy, which often results in injuries and even fatalities, of course carrying out demonstrations, especially regarding the results of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) would actually be much better not to do so.Social psychology expert from Padjadjaran University (Unpad), Zainal Abidin also saw that often demonstrations which then lead to acts of anarchism were apparently driven by certain political motives and were not purely movements originating from a call from the heart or morals.It is indeed very dangerous if the public does not sincerely accept the final results of the five-year democratic festival, because it will actually further hinder the running of the government and hinder the government’s programs for the progress and welfare of the community itself.Psychologically, the parties or groups that provoke it are able to cause anarchism to occur because there is emotional contagion there, especially if there is also anger in a crowd, then other masses will be very easily triggered.For this reason, the Jakarta Special Capital Region (DKI) Social Service (Dinsos) asks the entire community to continue to maintain security and order after the 2024 elections. The challenge of maintaining social security and order clearly requires the togetherness and unity of citizens to face it.Because it is very important to continue to maintain the security climate and stability so that public order (kamtibmas) continues to be in good condition. We must continue to be wary of a number of invitations and issues and even provocations following demonstrations because they will only have many negative impacts, including being prone to leading to anarchic acts.

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