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Spreading Terror, KST Papua Again Persecutes Health Workers


Dozens of members of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) abused five members of the health workers (Nakes) from the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) who were on duty in Amuma, Yahukimo who were on duty to check on people who were allegedly experiencing hunger.

KST Papua was reported to have abused five health workers from the Ministry of Health. The incident of abuse occurred in Amuma District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua Mountains. It is known that the five victims were actually assigned to carry out health checks on people who were reportedly experiencing famine in the area.

In fact, on the first day of the appointment of the health workers, everything went smoothly and normally, in fact the entire community in Amuma welcomed the health services provided by these health workers very well. However, due to obstacles in the form of extreme weather, it was not possible for planes to enter Amuma, so all health workers had to spend the night there.

One of the victims of the abuse, Danur Widuran, revealed that after learning that the situation did not allow the plane to pick them up, they coordinated with the Head of the local Community Health Center (Puskesmas) and also the Head of the Health Service (Dinkes) and were given permission to stay there.

However, it turned out that the next day, while the health workers were waiting for the plane to pick them up, the attack and abuse occurred. Another victim, Anggaita Mandowen, testified that the attack occurred when her four colleagues went to check flight information to a location that had an SSB ratio because there was no telecommunications network in Amuma itself.

He also revealed that the situation that day was not as usual. Then suddenly around 30 unknown people came and shouted at all the health workers who were walking to the house of a local nurse. It was clear that this scream caused concern among the health workers, so the members asked their colleagues to go into a room.

However, there was one victim, Adrianus Erdwarder Harapan, who did not enter the room but tried to escape by jumping from the window in the room. It turned out that dozens of unknown people were already outside and attacked him using sharp weapons (sajam).

The perpetrators suddenly attacked Adrianus and arrested him. After successfully arresting one of the health workers, the perpetrators gathered all the victims at Amuma airport. It turned out that the Papuan KST thought that the health workers they arrested were intelligence members who had deliberately entered Amuma.

The separatist gang then tried to interrogate the victims and continued to think that they were members of intelligence. Of course, the victims also admitted and emphasized that they were not members of intelligence, but were only health workers.

However, dissatisfied with the answers given by the victims, KST Papua finally began to carry out abuse. The abuse involved all the victims being kicked and beaten. However, in the end the perpetrators asked for an identity card from the victim and it was written on it that they were all health workers, which made the perpetrators believe that testimony.

As a result of this abuse, it was reported that one of the health workers suffered broken ribs and injuries to his face as a result of kicks carried out by the terrorist group.

As for the perpetrators themselves, they also admitted that they were from the KST Battalion Silimo Kodap XVI Yahukimo. Regarding this incident, the Regent of Yahukimo, Didimus Yahuli, admitted that he was very disappointed with the abuse that befell the health workers because their goal in going to Amuma was actually a very noble thing. Didimus also said that it turned out that the people in Amuma did not know the dozens of perpetrators of the abuse at all. He immediately condemned this very heinous incident and act very strongly.

The Chair of the Cartenz Peace Operations Public Relations Task Force, Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKBP) Bayu Suseno, said that his party was currently investigating the acts of violence committed against the health workers and was strongly committed to taking very firm action. It is clear that the incident of abuse carried out by KST Papua against five members of the health workforce who were assigned to Amuma, Yahukimo to provide health services to the local community who were allegedly previously experiencing starvation greatly disrupted the government’s efforts to provide the best service to the community .

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