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Strengthen Strategic Cooperation, President Jokowi Will Chair 12 Meetings at the 43rd ASEAN Summit


Jakarta – Indonesia will again hold the chairmanship of ASEAN in 2023. After previously successfully holding the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo last May, now Jakarta will be the venue for the 43rd ASEAN Summit. Through the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta this year, it is hoped that Strategic Cooperation will be strengthened, both between countries in the region and outside the Southeast Asia region.

The 43rd ASEAN Summit will take place from 5 to 7 September 2023, where President Jokowi will chair 12 meetings in the series of events.

“There are 12 meetings which will be chaired by the President, including the 43rd ASEAN Summit in plenary format, the 43rd ASEAN Summit in retreat format, the 26th ASEAN-China Summit, and the 24th ASEAN-South Korea Summit,” said the Director General ASEAN Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu), Sidharto R Suryodipuro, to the media crew.

Apart from ASEAN member countries, this summit was also attended by ASEAN partner organizations and countries, such as the United States, Japan, as well as the IMF and World Bank.

According to Sidharto, the ASEAN Summit in plenary or retreat format will be held on September 5 2023. Then on the following day, a summit will be held between ASEAN and partner countries which will last until September 7 2023.

Meanwhile, on 7 September 2023, the East Asia Summit and the ASEAN Plus Three Summit will also be held.

“But the main goal that is expected is to strengthen the achievement and foundation of the ASEAN 2045 vision. Apart from that, strengthening ASEAN institutions, both in terms of more effective and efficient decision making, as well as matters of organizational substance,” said Sidharto.

In the entire series of ASEAN Summits, there will also be events for various bilateral meetings between the leaders present.

Meanwhile, TNI Commander Admiral TNI Yudo Margono confirmed security readiness during the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta 5-7 September 2023.

Previously, TNI Commander Admiral TNI Yudo Margono had received a presentation from Pangkogabwilhan Admiral TNI Erwin S. Aldedharma, regarding security for the 43rd ASEAN SUMMIT Summit in 2023. Taking place at Wisma Ahmad Yani, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

The TNI Commander said that the security this time would not be much different from the security at the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, NTT.

“The ASEAN Summit has already been held, so I am sure that all officers can carry out this task well and furthermore cooperation between the Task Forces is needed which is in the nature of coordination,” said Yudo. [-ed]

Editor: Pandu Wibowo

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