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Summit AIS Forum 2023, Prof. Angel Damayanti: Indonesia advances the blue economy and prevent damage to the sea environment


JAKARTA – Professor of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Indonesian Christian University (UKI), Prof. Angel Damayanti said in the Summit AIS Forum 2023, Indonesia could encourage island and island countries to advance the blue economy and ensure marine security from the threat of environmental damage.

At the AIS Forus 2023 Summit, it is important that the discussion related to the realization of increasing human resource capacity from both the country itself and the country’s apparatus in managing the sea well. The improvement of the community must also be considered in building maritime and the use of the blue economy, said Faculty of Social Sciences UKI Professor Prof. Angel Damayanti in Jakarta.

According to Prof. Angel, there must be a joint commitment that every country really wants to do not just for its national interests but for the common interest, the interests of almost all humanity who currently depend on the sea or depend on the potential of the sea.

Indonesia is known to have a very extraordinarily large potential. From the surface of the sea can be used as energy, while from the sea of ​​marine biota can be used as a living such as fish, shrimp, crabs, lobsters, and others. Then, from the seabed more, such as natural gas, petroleum. Then the beach can be for the creative economy, tourism develops rapidly, explained Prof. Angel.

If it is not maintained properly, not managed properly is very unfortunate, later we can lose the opportunity to enjoy our own sea, he said.

Indonesia is very rich in the potential of the sea but we must complete the capacity of our navy and human resources of our community to be able to maintain our sea security to the maximum so that our society can enjoy that welfare, he stressed.

Meanwhile, Prof. Angel assessed that the Summit AIS Forum could have a positive impact on Indonesia because it was proven that Indonesia had a very important role, Indonesia was also involved in discussing issues about the sea or about maritime or about various problems faced by island countries and inner islands face various potential threats that exist in the sea,

Being the host of the 2023 Forum Summit is proof that Indonesia is quite seen as an archipelagic country and is able to host the international conference. That is, the reputation of Indonesia is seen very positively, because it is able to hold a high -level conference and Indonesia is also recognized as an archipelago, he concluded.

On the other hand, the most important thing, especially for the AIS Forum’s participant countries, is to equalize the perception of how to maintain the security and cleanliness of the marine environment, because our sea concerns the lives of many people, such as the living to the coastal community, becomes a trade and shipping route especially when This dependence of exports and imports is very high so that healthy, sustainable sea can be realized, he said.

Equalization of perceptions of what is considered a threat, whether from certain countries or from pirates, face fish thieves, facing natural disasters that may arise from the sea, or global warming that makes sea levels increase. The perceptions of the threat need to be discussed so that each country has the same perception and find out how to find a way to solve it, said Professor UKI.

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