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Support Security Forces to Thwart Weapons Smuggling in Papua


The 411/Pandawa Mechanized Raider Yonif Task Force succeeded in thwarting a plan to supply weapons and logistics to be sent to the Papuan Terrorist separatist group in Nduga, Papua Mountains. This action is part of a preventive operation carried out by the TNI and Polri, which aims to suppress the increasingly disturbing activities of the Separatist Terrorist Group (KST).

According to Kapen Kogabwilhan III, Colonel Czi Gusti Nyoman Suriastawa, the weapon that was successfully thwarted was a new generation assault weapon that could endanger security in Kenyam, Nduga. These weapons were two long-barreled rifles, M4 Carbine and AR 15 Carbine, air rifles, solar cells, machetes, Morning Star flags, WD oil, bows and a number of basic materials. It is suspected that these weapons will be used for acts of terror against the public and security forces on December 1.

In recent times, KST has been involved in acts of violence that target people indiscriminately, both native people and immigrants. They do not hesitate to kill innocent people, so firm steps from the security forces are very important to maintain security and order in the area.

In order to deal with this threat, Dansatgas Mechanized Raider Battalion 411/Pandawa, Lt. Col. Inf Subandi, and his team carried out a search in the Batas Batu Camp area which was suspected to be a crossing point for the Papuan KST group. During the combing operation, two M4 and AR 15 long-barreled weapons were confiscated, along with a number of other pieces of evidence. This success is a proactive step in anticipating potential acts of terror that could cause victims in the future.

The KST action plan revealed through intelligence information provides a clear picture of the serious threats faced by the community and security forces in Papua. Preventive operational steps carried out by the TNI and Polri have a crucial role in maintaining national security and protecting human rights. A serious threat like this requires a quick and firm response to prevent a tragedy that could harm many parties.

Previously, the Joint Team consisting of Kodam XVI Pattimura, KSOP, Lantamal IX/Ambon, and Yos Sudarso Harbor Police also succeeded in thwarting an attempt to smuggle firearms and ammunition into Papua. This action is a proactive step in maintaining security in the region, considering that Papua has become the center of attention due to separatist activities and potential security threats.

Ambon Island Police Chief and Pp Lease, Police Commissioner Driyono Andri Ibrahim, explained that from the results of the examination, Jerry admitted his intention to bring these firearms to the Papua region for the purpose of illegal distribution. From the results of the examination, the suspect admitted that he would be taken to Papua and bought and sold, most likely also to separatist groups there.

This act of smuggling firearms and ammunition is not only a threat to public security, but is also of particular concern because of the suspect’s intention to sell these weapons to separatist groups. Therefore, prevention and disclosure efforts such as those carried out by the authorities are very important to avoid potential escalation of conflict and threats to the lives of Papuans.

Community participation is also key in supporting the efforts of security forces. In this context, the role of intelligence and coordination between the TNI, Polri and the community is very important to identify and thwart potential threats quickly and effectively. The success of the combing operation at Batas Batu Camp is proof that collaboration between security forces and the community can create a safer and more stable environment.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto, emphasized the importance of democracy based on ideas and programs. In the context of the threat of terrorism in Papua, Prabowo underlined the need for a planned and strategic approach to address the root of the problem. This approach does not only involve military efforts, but also development efforts and improving the welfare of the Papuan people.

The success of the TNI – Polri in thwarting the supply of weapons and logistics to KST Papua is a positive step in maintaining security and stability in Papua. However, this complex challenge requires cooperation between security forces, government and society to achieve long-term, sustainable solutions. In this way, Indonesia can continue to build a strong democratic foundation and protect human rights as a core value in efforts to maintain national security. The authorities’ firm steps in thwarting this arms smuggling attempt show their seriousness in maintaining national security, especially in areas prone to conflict. The public and government need to support the efforts of the security forces so that weapons smuggling attempts and the threat of terrorism can be prevented effectively. The safety and peace of the Papuan people must be prioritized, and collaboration between security forces and the community is the key to success in maintaining stability in this region.

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