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Supporting the Active Role of Religious Figures in Maintaining Peace After the 2024 Election


In the post-2024 General Election (Pemilu) atmosphere, the presence of religious figures and preachers have a very important role in maintaining peace and uniting society. Quoting from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI)’s call to preachers to clean up the residue of division, we witness a call that requires an active response from religious leaders.

Chairman of the MUI for Da’wah and Ukhuwah, Cholil Nafis, firmly underlined the importance of the unity of the people and nation as the main agenda. In the midst of the negative narrative that is still felt after the election, the task of eliminating the residue of division is the shared responsibility of preachers and preachers. This reflects awareness of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the nation, even though the political process continues.

In line with this message, the General Chair of the Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) Executive Board, KH Yahya Cholil Staquf, also expressed his appreciation for the peaceful and smooth implementation of the elections. This positive view reflects an attitude that supports increasing harmony and unity in society.

The chairman of the Grogol Petamburan MUI, Kiai Haji Abdurrochman Ma’ruf, emphasized that the elected leader must be accepted by all citizens. This invitation is not just rhetoric, but a call to maintain harmony and unity amidst differences.

Meanwhile, the founder of the Hemadhiro Mettavati Kapuk Temple, Bhante Khanit Sanano Mahathera, emphasized the importance of respecting the results of the vote count in the 2024 elections. Whatever the result, he called on all residents to accept it gracefully for the sake of the common good.

Not to be left behind, the General Chairperson of Dai Kamtibmas Polda Metro Jaya, KH Tatang Firdaus, also emphasized the importance of respecting elected leaders. He invited all parties to unite in maintaining security and order in the West Jakarta area, as an effort to ensure a safe and peaceful situation.

In this context, religious leaders have the opportunity to play a more proactive role in promoting messages of peace, unity and tolerance. They can use religious pulpits and social media as platforms to spread positive messages and inspire their congregation to maintain harmony.

More than just avoiding division, the active role of religious figures also includes conveying constructive ideas in national and state life. By emphasizing civilized politics, they can help shape a better, fairer and more prosperous society.

Maintaining post-election peace is a shared responsibility. In this effort, the active role of religious figures is an important key to maintaining harmony and unity in society. Religious figures have a great influence in shaping the attitudes and behavior of their followers. Therefore, it is important for the community to support their role in maintaining post-election peace

Religious leaders have the capacity to unite people, reduce tensions, and eliminate divisions that may arise after elections. They can use religious pulpits, sermons, lectures and social media to convey messages of peace, tolerance and unity. By using these platforms, they can build awareness of the importance of maintaining unity in diversity.

The importance of community support for the role of religious figures in maintaining post-election peace cannot be ignored. Society needs to understand that harmony and unity are the main assets for the nation’s progress. This support can be demonstrated by listening to and paying attention to messages conveyed by religious figures, as well as participating in activities initiated to strengthen relations between religious communities.

Apart from that, the public can also give appreciation to religious figures who are actively involved in efforts to maintain post-election peace. This reward can be in the form of moral support, participation in social activities held by religious institutions, or even spreading positive messages conveyed by religious figures via social media.

In the post-election situation, the role of religious figures is not only important to maintain peace, but also to build a spirit of reconciliation and strengthen the foundations of democracy. They have a moral responsibility to guide their people towards awareness of the importance of unity, harmony and tolerance. Therefore, public support for the active role of religious figures is very important in maintaining peace and strengthening post-election social cohesion.

By uniting and supporting the role of religious leaders, society can become agents of positive change in building a peaceful, just and prosperous nation. We all have a role in creating a harmonious environment and maintaining unity, so that Indonesia can continue to progress as a strong and sovereign nation.

In conclusion, support for the active role of religious figures in maintaining post-election peace is not only important, but also urgent. By integrating religious values ​​with the principles of justice and tolerance, we can build a solid foundation for a peaceful, united and prosperous society.

*The author is a political observer

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