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Supporting the Government’s Firm Stance Against Terror Actions in KST Papua


By : Alfred Jigibalom )*

Terrors perpetrated by the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) continue to occur. Not only attacking residents, they also set fire to the plane and took the passengers hostage. A number of parties support the government to take firm, measurable action. The reason is because KST is always detrimental and tarnishes Papua’s name.

KST is a group that is an accomplice of the Free Papua Organization (OPM). They served in the field to complete defection missions and form the Federal Republic of West Papua. The public hates the KST because it often commits acts of violence and harms civilians.

One of the incidents that angered the public was when KST had the heart to burn a Susi Air plane and take the pilot and passengers hostage. Even though among the passengers there was a baby who certainly needed special treatment.

Nelson Ondi, Jayapura Regency Youth Leader, was furious with the KST actions which are still happening. KST’s actions should be responded with firm action by the government. Without it, Papuan KKB members will carry out their actions at will.

Nelson Ondi’s firm statement followed the endless actions carried out by the separatist gang in the area. Apart from setting fire to the plane, they also kidnapped the pilot and the passengers. Previously they carried out various attacks which resulted in victims from indigenous Papuans.

KST attacked motorcycle taxi drivers who were seen as spies, also set fire to the school building so that the students lost their place to study. Apart from that they also attacked residents and robbed their stalls. There are too many KST crimes to mention one by one. Therefore, many parties agree that firm action will be taken against the separatist group.

Nelson continued, the KST atrocities should also be met with firm action by the government. That way, KST will stop its action even if it has to be slowly.

Meanwhile, DPR RI member Dave Laksono stated that KST must be dealt with firmly and measuredly. The reason is because they commit brutal crimes and harm society. The terror carried out by KST violated human rights and hindered social development in Papua.

To protect citizens from KST attacks, the rebel group must be dealt with firmly. The reason is, they have committed serious cases, such as theft and mass murder. If a KST member is caught, it is mandatory to be tried and receive the most severe punishment as a deterrent effect.

If a KST member is involved in a theft case, the penalty is 5 years in prison, according to article 362 of the Criminal Code. Then when someone is caught in a murder case, the sentence can be life imprisonment, even the death penalty. This action must be taken so that KST members will give up and not commit crimes again, which will harm Papuans (both migrants and indigenous people).

Meanwhile, DPD RI member from Papua, Yorrys Raweyai asked the government to suppress KST from its roots. In a sense, KST must be eradicated because it is detrimental to the people of Papua and makes them threatened, and can be mentally damaged due to constant terror. If the KST has been eradicated, the residents’ lives will improve and their economy will not be disrupted by the group’s attacks.

When there is a KST attack, of course the market is temporarily closed and this is very detrimental because the Papuan people lose their income. Therefore, it is necessary to take firmer steps to eradicate KST. At the same time securing markets and other public places from KST disturbances.

Yorrys continued, the government must take measurable and planned steps to eradicate KST. The reason is because they are trying to divide the unity in Indonesia. When there is a KST attack, the victims are migrants, thus triggering conflict between indigenous Papuans (OAP) and migrants. This is very dangerous because it can cause riots based on SARA (ethnicity, religion, race, intergroup).

Firm action against KST needs to be taken, in addition to giving the most severe punishment. The TNI and Polri as security forces are also allowed to act decisively against KST if there are conflicts in vulnerable areas. In fact, they are also allowed to take measured decisive action when dealing directly with KST members.

Measurable decisive action was taken because when dealing with KST members, they couldn’t be caught with their bare hands. The reason is because they use firearms and must be fought with firearms as well. If not, then the life of the apparatus will actually be endangered, so that measured decisive action may be taken without violating procedures.

A number of parties support the government’s firm stance in dealing with KST. They must be dealt with firmly and regularly so that they will no longer terrorize the people of Papua. KST must be eradicated for the safety of the citizens of Cendrawasih Land and no longer tarnish Papua’s good name internationally. 

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali 

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