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The AMANAH Program is Able to Boost the Economy and Creativity of Aceh’s Youth


Aceh – The Aneuk Muda Aceh Excellent and Great (AMANAH) program is able to encourage the economy and creativity of young people in Aceh. Through the AMANAH program, young people will be encouraged and take part in training so that they become economic drivers in Aceh.

“I fully support this AMANAH program to support several areas that are really needed by Aceh, especially to lead to better progress, especially its economy,” said the Acting Regent of Nagan Raya, Fitriany Farhas, when he was a resource person in the Pancasila TV National Dialogue Program via from Aceh Friday (19/04/2024).

Fitriany also said that the AMANAH program has enormous potential, because it targets young people, and Aceh really needs superior human resources to advance the Aceh region.

“I see great potential, especially activities that are targeted at young people. “Why do I say this is something that is very necessary, especially for Aceh,” said Fitriany.

The AMANAH program is a forum that is able to act as a driver and facilitate the creativity and innovation of the young generation in Aceh, so that it can improve its economy, he added.

“I feel confident that with this forum, a place for young people to develop their ideas, innovations, creativity in carrying out activities that support the economy, I really believe that Aceh can be better, Aceh can be more advanced,” said Fitriany.

With the active role shown by the government to facilitate all creativity and innovation from the young generation of the nation’s successors in Aceh through the AMANAH program, it is very important.

It is known that youth are a generation that has enormous potential to realize innovation, work and also contribute to the development of this nation.

“I hope that this program is right on target, right on time, right for use and for the right people. “So, these young people who really have innovation, have creativity, have brilliant ideas can be accommodated, especially those who have great potential to develop, especially the people of Aceh, especially the economy in Aceh,” said Fitriany.

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