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The Government is Committed to Strengthening the Indonesian Economy Through the Job Creation Law


The existence of the Job Creation Law (UU Job Creation) is very important for this nation because it serves as a legal umbrella for the Government’s efforts to accelerate national economic development. The existence of the Job Creation Law also strengthens the community’s economy in the midst of uncertain global economic conditions. Of course, this has a clear impact on Indonesia because it spurs the national economy to grow in good conditions.

Apart from strengthening the national economy, the Job Creation Law currently in effect is an integral part of a series of structural reforms implemented by the Government with the aim of increasing competitiveness and pushing Indonesia towards the status of a high income country . With this step, Indonesia is able to become a prosperous country and improve people’s welfare.

Economic observer, Dendi Ramdani, said that the Job Creation Law is an important step in avoiding the  middle income trap  in the future which could hamper economic development in developing countries. This step is also the key to increasing the ability to master technology, encouraging innovation, strengthening business certainty, and creating a more conducive investment climate by improving the quality of the rules and regulations under it.

Dendi Ramdani added that the presence of the Job Creation Law is an important effort to carry out structural reforms in the economic sector. According to him, currently Indonesia is in a race against time to achieve its goal of becoming a high-income country. Don’t let Indonesia fall into  the middle income trap  where economic growth slows, productivity decreases and per capita income decreases.

Partnerships between Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and large businesses can help fulfill one of the mandates of the Job Creation Law to eradicate extreme poverty in Indonesia. This effort was carried out as a follow-up to the direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, in which to achieve the target of the extreme poverty rate reaching zero percent by 2024, accelerated implementation of the partnership scheme is needed.

Apart from that, strengthening the national economy requires a Job Creation Law which is considered successful in reducing trade and investment barriers in Indonesia. Business Observer, Prof. Nindyo Pramono said that investors responded positively to the structural reform efforts implemented by the Government through the Job Creation Law. Investment, which is at the heart of the Job Creation Law, is needed not only to increase economic growth, but also to open up job opportunities, the number of which is increasing every year.

Prof. Nindyo Pramono added that if a country has good diplomacy, it will be easy to attract investors to invest. The main thing that investors need is consistent regulations and legal certainty in the long term. In this way, it is hoped that the Job Creation Law can optimize the availability of jobs and employment in Indonesia. 

The Job Creation Law is also seen as a red carpet for the investment and development sector. The red carpet in the context of the Job Creation Law has the value of disrupting legislation, bringing a mission or orientation to ease of doing business, reforming government administrative bureaucracy, and being pro towards sustainable development for the sake of advancing Indonesia.

If you look closely and explain it further, Prof. Nindyo Pramono emphasized that the Job Creation Law has had a positive impact on various parties because the wheels of the economy in Indonesia can move or accelerate in a positive direction, so that a decline in economic growth rates can be avoided.

For example, in the MSME sector, MSME players will be given convenience by simplifying the number of business permits required. Of course, this will have an impact on accelerating business legality and public trust in Government policies which are considered pro-people. This law also opens up wider opportunities for MSMEs to expand and obtain capital. Foreign investors will also easily invest their capital in small and medium companies in the context of foreign exchange growth which will lead to the creation of job opportunities.

The Job Creation Law is a form of  win-win solution  presented by the Government for various problems that occur in the business sector and employment management. All parties will benefit and legislative products should be an important part of establishing equal justice for all elements of society. Through the Job Creation Law, Indonesia can take various anticipatory actions to strengthen the national economy.

Thus, the Government really needs support from the entire community regarding the presence of the Job Creation Law in Indonesia. This is because the Job Creation Law can have a significant impact on the progress and development of the national economy. It is also hoped that all components of this nation will accept the existence of the Job Creation Law as a legal product that will create stability in the Indonesian economy in the future.

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