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The Government is Consistent in Executing the Constitution, the Election Perppu Will Be Passed As Law


Jakarta — The Government of the Republic of Indonesia seriously continues to consistently carry out the constitutional mandate regarding general elections. This is addressed by the existence of the Election Perppu which will soon be ratified into law.

Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament, Muhaimin Iskandar stated that Perppu No. 1/2022 concerning Amendments to Law No. 7/2017 concerning Elections will be brought to the leadership meeting in the near future.

Even though there is still no certainty about the points, at least he admits that this will be done next week.

“There is no certainty point by point. Later next week I think there will be, “said Muhaimin.

Previously, the DPR and the Government had agreed on the Election Perppu in the first-level discussions at Commission II.

In fact, at the meeting held on Wednesday (15/3), all factions agreed that the Perppu would be brought to the plenary to be ratified into law.

“Then we will bring it to the Level II talks for decision making at the upcoming DPR RI plenary meeting,” said Chairman of Commission II DPR RI, Ahmad Doli Kurnia.

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD, revealed that the 2024 Election is a constitutional agenda.

“The 2024 election is a constitutional agenda that cannot be postponed or postponed by ordinary legal means,” he said.

This is because after the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court to postpone the election. Firmly, Mahfud MD stated that there must be resistance to the decision.

“We are now being surprised by the District Court’s decision which states postponing the election until 2025. I want to say, we must fight against the law because it will endanger the life of the nation and the state where the constitutional agenda can be canceled and regulated by the court,” he added.

Firmly, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs said that the Government would continue to follow the election schedule on time.

“The government will continue to follow the election schedule that has been set along with the schedule by the KPU, DPR and government, even the Bawaslu is also participating, namely on February 14, 2024,” he said.

The former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court explained that the election schedule is the absolute content of the constitution and not the content of the law.

In the constitution itself, there are 3 (three) articles which state that the President takes office for 5 (five) years, elections are held every five years, the President cannot be dismissed or his term extended.

Then, indeed on October 21 2024, the position of President will run out, so that if the elections are postponed there will certainly be a government vacuum.

In fact, Mahfud MD explained that there were many threats aimed at disrupting the election and the national situation.

Some of these threats include terrorism, transideology, radicalism, separatism, poverty, injustice and so on.

Of these threats, then they often use hoax issues that are spread with lots of fake narrated news.

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