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The Importance of Maintaining Community Conduciveness After Determining the 2024 Election Results


By: Adit Wijaya )*

The entire community must continue to maintain conduciveness after the determination of the results of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) by the KPU following the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) in the presidential election dispute trial. This is because conducive conditions are very important to continue to realize national unity and integrity.

Indeed, conduciveness within society itself is very important to continue to maintain, especially in a crucial moment like now, namely the determination of the results of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu).

The reason is, if society is not able to maintain good conduciveness when determining the results of the 2024 elections, then of course this country will also experience bad impacts and will easily become divided even with just a slight shock.

In fact, maintaining conduciveness among citizens is not only the responsibility of the security forces, but also requires all elements of the nation to be able to actively contribute to creating it.

When the entire community can participate in assisting the security forces in maintaining a conducive security and order (kamtibmas) situation, this will also have a very good impact on national development which can run much more smoothly.

In other words, if conduciveness in society occurs, national development is able to take effect optimally, then efforts to further improve the welfare of the entire community will also be achieved optimally.

Starting from leaders of community organizations (ormas), community leaders to RT heads, everyone should play an active role in realizing conduciveness in their respective regions.

The creation of a conducive situation presupposes good synergy from many elements. This also includes steps to empower community leaders in an effort to create conduciveness.

Not only in the social and political realm, but because the Indonesian nation is also very diverse in terms of beliefs, efforts to create a religious life full of tolerance are also key.

Religious harmony between people must also continue to be well maintained, in order to facilitate the nation’s future goals, namely realizing a more advanced Indonesia with accelerated development and national equality.

One of the concrete efforts by the security forces to continue to maintain conduciveness among residents is as carried out by the Enrekang Resort Police (Polres) who carry out patrols to ensure a conducive situation during the Determination of General Election Results (PHPU).

They carry out patrols on a large scale in order to monitor vulnerabilities in various vital objects in the area. Regarding this matter, Police Commissioner (Kompol) Andi Adar said that patrol activities would continue for 3 (three) days.

Meanwhile, Political Observer Arfianto Purbolaksono stated that the entire Duah community accepted the results of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) by the KPU by keeping the situation conducive.

This statement is not without reason, because it can be seen that there were no such big riots among the residents as in 2019. So this proves that the people themselves are no longer affected by the competition in the Presidential Election (Pilpres).

This condition means that the majority of people have really accepted the results of the calculation and also the determination of the number of votes from the KPU. Moreover, Indonesian citizens themselves are now much smarter so they are not easily incited by certain groups who only act in the interests of their own group in rejecting the election results by carrying out anarchy and spreading provocations like at the 2019 democracy party.

So far, all elements of society in the country have learned that from the previous 2019 political year there was great polarization. For now, everything is cool and quite calm.

On the other hand, General Election Commission (KPU) Commissioner Idham Holik said that in legal considerations at the time of pronouncing the Constitutional Court’s decision, the implementation of the election was in accordance with the constitution and his party had implemented the principles and principles of honesty and fairness.

With the issuance of the Constitutional Court’s decision, the party will confirm the determination of the election results, then the democratic party will only have one more stage left, namely waiting for the inauguration of the elected President and Vice President on October 20 2024.

After the pronouncement of the Constitutional Court’s decision and also the announcement of the results by the KPU, of course the Presidential Election process now no longer has any institution that can cancel KPU Decree Number 360 of 2024 concerning Determination of the 2024 Election Results nationally.

For this reason, all elements of the nation should be able to work together to maintain unity and unity amidst diversity in order to achieve national development goals so that it will be even better in the future, especially after the 2024 election results are determined. It is very important to continue to maintain this conduciveness because if not, then this nation will will also be in a vulnerable and fragile condition.

)* The author is a contributor to Lapak Baca Indonesia

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