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The Importance of Religious Synergy to Create Peaceful Elections in 2024


A group of community elements on behalf of the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212 held a joint prayer and Munajat Kubro in the Monas area on Saturday (1/12). It is hoped that the implementation of these activities can run conducively in the midst of the 2024 General Election series which is currently underway.

Security forces are currently paying more attention to the implementation of the Munajat Kubro event held by PA 212. Regarding this, the Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko said that at least 5,734 security personnel are ready to be deployed to secure this year’s 212 Reunion event with the theme ‘ For the safety of the Republic of Indonesia and the victory of Palestine’.

Not only that, traffic engineering (traffic) has also been prepared for this action. Even so, this has only been implemented considering the situation in the field. Previously, the Deputy Secretary General of the Alumni Brotherhood or PA 212, Novel Bamukmin, appealed to the congregation not to bring campaign attributes when attending the 212 Grand Reunion event which will be held at the National Monument (Monas) on December 2 2023. This appeal is in line with orders from the Ministry of State Secretariat (Kemensetneg) which does not allow political agendas at the 212 Reunion event.

Synergy and collaboration between religious communities in the context of peaceful elections refers to close and harmonious cooperation between various parties involved in the election process. In the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) process, religious communities have an important role in maintaining national security stability. However, synergy with relevant stakeholders and all elements of society is important to jointly prevent various threats from occurring ahead of the General Election. 

Peaceful elections are the foundation of a democratic system, so synergy between various parties can help maintain democratic values ​​by ensuring that the people’s voice is respected and that elections are carried out in accordance with applicable rules. Synergy carried out well by various parties can strengthen trust between parties. different. Trust is a key element in peaceful elections, because voters and parties involved must be confident that the election process is fair and transparent.

In the context of a democratic party, synergy between various parties is a key factor that can help ensure the successful implementation of a democratic party. Apart from that, the success of a democratic party also depends heavily on active community participation. So synergy between society, community groups and government institutions is important so that voters feel heard and have ownership of the democratic process.

Synergy also requires transparency in the entire election implementation process. This includes providing clear information about candidates, platforms, election regulations and election results to the public. Apart from that, transparency is also important when it comes to financing political campaigns. Good synergy can stimulate voter and political party participation in the election process. When all parties feel that they have an important role and that their voices are valued, they are more likely to participate positively in elections.

Independent monitoring organizations such as the General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) also play a key role in ensuring elections are fair and clean. Synergy between Bawaslu, the authorities and other stakeholders is important to maintain the integrity of the election itself. Apart from that, security forces must also work together to maintain order during the elections. So this synergy is important to avoid conflicts and disturbances that could disrupt the election implementation process.

Meanwhile, the National Police Chief, Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, said that the importance of synergy between the Police and the TNI, the community and religious leaders is to maintain mutual unity ahead of the 2024 Election. Apart from that, his party will also prepare all forces, including personnel, equipment and how to act in accordance with applicable regulations. , as well as continuing to improve cross-sectoral coordination, so that the 2024 General Election can run conducively and safely.

In welcoming the election, we must work together and support each other to increase cross-sectoral synergy. Therefore, synergy between various parties is very useful for equalizing perceptions, aligning plans and actions that will be implemented in order to prepare for the General Election.

Cross-sectoral synergy and election conduciveness are very important to maintain a healthy democracy and avoid conflict and tension that could disrupt political stability. Therefore, cooperation between the Government, political parties, NGOs and the community is urgently needed to achieve fair and safe elections. In addition, it is hoped that the 2024 elections will be successful, as well as a shared responsibility for election security between all stakeholders and upholding human rights principles in election security. 

A peaceful election process is very important to maintain political stability in a country. So that synergy can help prevent conflicts that could threaten political stability, ensuring that the transition to the new government can run smoothly. Therefore, the success of a democratic party requires joint efforts from various parties, including society, the government, supervisory institutions, the media and civil society organizations. Synergy between all parties is key to maintaining the integrity of elections, increasing voter participation, and ensuring that the results reflect the will of the people.

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