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The Importance of Society Maintaining Tolerance to Create Peaceful Elections


The 2024 democratic party or General Election (Pemilu) is just around the corner and as Indonesian citizens, it’s time for us to open our eyes and participate in choosing the next leader candidate. Ahead of the General Election, the community plays an important role in creating peaceful elections by maintaining mutual tolerance. This is very necessary considering that the implementation of elections is very prone to conflict, so the public must understand that differences are not a factor that causes division, but rather a lamp that lights the path to peace.

As good Indonesian citizens, we must make the 2024 Election a stage for tolerance. Tolerance is an important aspect in ensuring peaceful and democratic elections, because increasing tolerance among society can help reduce conflict and create a more inclusive environment during the election period. Therefore, tolerance is the key to ensuring that elections can run safely and conducively. In this case, it means that we respect every choice and difference that exists. So that in an atmosphere of tolerance, we can debate, vote, and then accept the results gracefully, without damaging relations between fellow citizens.

Indonesia is a country rich in cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversity. These riches are what make Indonesia unique and different and worth preserving. Differences are a natural part of Indonesian society, and should not be a source of conflict. Because differences are lamps that light the path to peace if we are able to guard them wisely.

Elections are when we, as voters, make our voices heard. This is a privilege that needs to be respected and well guarded. When we go to the voting booth, we exercise our democratic right to elect our leaders and representatives. At that time, we need to remember that our compatriots have the same right to make their voices heard.

President Joko Widodo said that his party asked that a conducive national situation need to be maintained together so that it remains cool, peaceful, tolerant and respectful of each other. Moreover, entering a political year like today, unity and unity must be maintained seriously to avoid things that could disrupt the implementation of the election process.

Ahead of the elections, tolerance plays a key role in creating peaceful elections. Because when societies have a high level of tolerance, they are more likely to resolve differences of opinion peacefully and respect the rights of others to have different views. Tolerant societies tend to be more positively involved in the political process. They are more likely to choose to actively participate, contribute to public discussions, and seek peaceful solutions to conflicts.

Apart from that, tolerance also encourages political campaigns that are more positive and focus on substantive issues rather than attacking each other personally. This can create a healthier political environment. So that tolerant people are more likely to accept the election results peacefully, even if the candidate or party they support loses, they realize that elections are part of the democratic process, and accepting the results is an important aspect of maturity. democratic. When people respect each other and appreciate differences, the risk of violence or conflict can be reduced. So tolerance helps create a safer and more conducive environment during elections.

The same thing was also said by the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK), Muhadjir Effendy, who stated that every Indonesian citizen from all ethnicities, religions and races is obliged to maintain unity and integrity. Especially ahead of the 2024 General Election, even though every Indonesian citizen has different political choices, to realize harmony, unity must strengthen a sense of tolerance and equality. In the sense of strengthening similarities as Indonesian citizens and respecting the various differences that exist.

Increasing tolerance requires joint efforts from all parties in society. The more tolerant a society is, the better the chances of creating a peaceful environment during the election and after it. Therefore, cooperation and participation from individuals, groups, institutions and governments is needed to create a more inclusive and tolerant environment.

Several aspects show the importance of joint efforts from all parties, namely through education. Schools, colleges and educational institutions have a key role in forming an attitude of tolerance. The curriculum may include lessons on multiculturalism, human rights, and cross-cultural understanding. After education, civil society organizations also play an important role in increasing the sense of tolerance in society. Civil society groups, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and advocacy groups, can play an active role in increasing tolerance. They can organize campaigns, workshops and other activities that support cross-cultural understanding and well-being.

Apart from that, it can also be done through religion and religious figures. Religious figures can play an important role in supporting tolerance by teaching the values ​​of peace, respect and cooperation between religious communities. So that people can understand how important it is to respect each other’s differences to maintain harmony together ahead of the 2024 elections.

It is important to remember that tolerance is not a task that is completed in one moment, but rather an ongoing effort that involves long-term commitment from the entire community. By working together, communities can create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

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