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The Importance of the Role of Religious Figures in Reassuring Society After the 2024 Election


Religious leaders in Indonesia indeed have a very important role as the front guard who interact directly with the community to be able to calm the situation among the people, especially after the implementation of the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) as it is now.

Deputy General Chairperson (Waketum) of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), KH. Marsudi Syuhud continues to invite all people in the country to maintain harmony while waiting for the final results of the real count of the 2024 democratic party and political contestation officially from the election organizers, namely the General Election Commission of the Republic of Indonesia (KPU RI).Not only that, but we also hope that all religious leaders, traditional leaders, cultural figures and others will be able to continue to call for the protection of the Indonesian nation so that it can become a comfortable, safe and always peaceful country in every environment or region they live in. each.Peace and an attitude of security and comfort will only be realized if accompanied by an attitude of complete joy, sincerity and ability to accept whatever and whatever the final outcome of the five-yearly political contestation in the country.On the other hand, if there are still people among the people who harbor an attitude of not being able to accept or not being sincere and happy, this nation will not immediately find a way to move forward and will actually further hinder stability so that future programs from the government cannot be implemented optimally.In fact, the entire process of implementing the General Election itself, from the beginning to the voting to the counting of the preferred votes, all have clear rules in the constitution as enshrined in the Law, which is the basis of what the guidelines for society and state in Indonesia should be.If it is related to the election results themselves, the constitution in the country has also regulated it in such a way, namely that there is a process and route through the stages at the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) if it is felt that a rule has been violated so that it can be immediately reported according to the legal channels provided in the constitution .The public should also continue to remember that they should not create a game that is outside of the legal channels that have been provided and agreed upon so far, especially since their insincere attitude regarding the 2024 Election will lead to acts of violence while waiting for the counting results.Therefore, in this case, the role of religious leaders is very important to be able to continue to invite and appeal to the wider community so that all parties are able to become statesmen or become a nation that always continues to uphold the applicable legal rules.Another important thing that every individual in society must have, namely how to distinguish between political contestation in this General Election and how to relate within society itself. Don’t let these two things get mixed up because it will only lead to confusion and unrest.Of course, in Indonesia, which is a country that highly upholds the principles of democracy, the occurrence of different political choices between one citizen and another is something that can be done and must be responded to naturally or appropriately.Instead of having to continue to dwell on differences in views or political choices in the 2024 elections which have already ended, it would be much better to look at one united nation so that it remains one, so with the spirit of such unity, people should be able to see each other with clarity. full of love.If people in Indonesia can do all these things after the General Election is over, then of course the world will become much more enlightened, the world will be filled with joy, the soul will also become much more peaceful, the heart will be fresh, happiness will emerge, the condition of society can also improve and The Indonesian nation will have its blessings added.Likewise, the Head of the National Unity and Politics Agency (Bakesbangpol) for the City of Surabaya, Maria Theresia Ekawati Rahayu, also asked all religious figures to provide insight while also being able to reassure local residents so that there would be no turmoil after the 2024 elections.Furthermore, the dissemination of political education to the nation’s future young generation, especially to high school or vocational school students and students who have reached the age of 17 is also important because it is in order to welcome peace in the Regional Head Election (Pilkada) which will also be held on this year 2024. Post-2024 election conditions in Indonesia must continue to be a safe and conducive situation, because only in that way will this nation truly be able to show how mature it is in democracy. The role of religious leaders in inviting and encouraging the entire community to maintain peace after the General Election is very important.

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